Monday, July 16, 2012

A reason to celebrate


Kids love them.
(Okay.... so this is a bad example.... sorry Kit Kat!)

The older generation gets a kick out of them too. 
(See "foto" below...... we had a surprise birthday party for my Great Aunt in-Law a few weeks ago...... she cried!)

But what about the other folks?

You see..... tomorrow (July 17) is MY birthday! (WAHOO...... let the singing begin!)

This may surprise you.... but I LOVE birthdays! No.... it has nothing to do with cake or presents (...... or even the fact that I get a day off from the dishes)...... it is more special than that. (I know, I know.... more special than no dish duty??!!)

To me.... birthdays are a chance to look back (REALLY look back) on what you have done, what you have created, where you have come from and where you have gone. It is a day to celebrate YOU and your MOMMY and DADDY. 

(Now..... my mommy and daddy are not around. No... they are very much alive...... but could care less about me and our beautiful girls. Don't have pitty on me. I have tried to get them to care-- But over the years (MANY birthdays) I have come to realize I can not change them or make them care. They have lost out on so many years (ten years now) and I am OKAY with it now.)
BUT if I did have a Mommy and a Daddy (biological) in my birthday would also be a celebration of THEM.
Who better to celebrate your birthday than with the people who brought you into this world. 

(WOW.... okay so now that you know THAT part of my personal life... sorry I got all deep and stuff) ...... Let's get back on track.

Yes... tomorrow (July case you missed it) is my birthday! (WAHOO!) I will be 31 years old, I have two amazing daughters, 1 perfect (for me!) husband, and 3 angels in heaven. I have experienced earth shattering heartache, mind blowing happiness. I have seen the good and the bad, the ugly and the most beautiful. I have been outside during a thunderstorm and enjoyed EVERY moment of it. I have hidden in my bed (completely under the covers) because of the GIANT HAND monster who hides under my bed (okay.... no really.... I have done that! Have you ever seen the GIANT HAND monster? Dude..... it is only a HAND! A GIANT, HAIRY ONE!) I have cried to the point of slobbering. I have laughed to the point of crying (and perhaps peeing my pants.) I have LOVED and  LOST but I continue to LOVE. I am loved and hated (but those of you who hate me..... can you not tell me? I mean it IS my birthday after all!) I have met (and shook hands with) Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell (OH YES I HAVE!) I have PRAYED for a moment alone with my husband (without the girls) but then found myself RUSHING back to them because "I can't be away from my babies!"......then PRAYED for another moment alone!

I have made mistakes, been wrong....been correct (more correct than wrong.... but hey, what can I say?) I have been alive for 31 years. I have friends who never got the chance to say that. 

I am happy to celebrate another birthday. Happy I get to celebrate with my wonderful girls and husband. I am happy I get to hear my Uncle and Aunt sing "Happy Birthday to You" tomorrow night (via phone call)....they should be calling at 7 pm!! I am excited I get to use my FREE Starbucks coffee birthday coupon (waiting for my Dunkin' Donuts birthday drink card too!) 

It is the small things in life that really make birthdays matter.....but a yummy cake doesn't hurt!


Birthday Cake

( THAT is better!)



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