Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Extreme Breastfeeding Show (NOT!)

Have you heard the news? The creators behind "Bridzillas" and "Dance Moms" are at it again. They are creating a "reality show" called "Extreme Parenting", which focuses on the "debate" for and against weaning children after they turn one.  Although I am afraid what they are calling "reality tv" is a FAR stretch from true breastfeeding REALITY! I can only imagine (and yes I am imagining.... since it has not been aired yet) what the actual "reality" outcome will look like.

(Here is poll, my husband sent me, from Yahoo) This was as of 7:50 am this morning............

I can only imagine how the producers will "spin" this debate and the reactions from the "general" public (you know which "general" public I am talking about.... the ones who can not keep their mouths closed and HAVE to speak against breastfeeding.) If you are at ALL curious at to what people are saying.... read the comments on the article. But I warn you.............. (I will leave it at that....)

The amount of negative fall out from Time magazine "Are you mom enough" was much greater than I expected. I even had family members talk to me about it.... when they normally stay far away from the topic. And I will tell you, that their initial response to the article was negative..... only when I mentioned how "NORMAL" and "RECOMMENDED" it is to breastfeed past two, did they get the  hint and stop talking. But I KNEW they still felt the same way...... just was not going to talk with ME about it.

Breastfeeding Reality Show In The Works

So, my fear is how BADLY this will impacted the breastfeeding community. How FAR will this "reality show" set back the goal of normalizing breastfeeding? How much of a "joke" will this "reality show" make US breastfeeding Mummies look like? AND WHY is breastfeeding PAST one year old considered extreme parenting? What else will be considered "extreme?" Cloth diapering? Homemade baby food? Rear Facing car seats? I mean REALLY! How far will this show go? By the look of the comments on the article.............we are in for a monsoon, Mummies.

That does not mean I will not blow up my inflatable raft, grab our emergency supplies, load up my family, and the MOST important snugglies (lovey blankets) and Pooker's friends (Angelina Ballerina, Jessie from Toy Story and Captain America) and Kit Kat's friends (Mousie, Little Woof Woof and Little Clifford) and ride the storm out....... grabbing everyone who will fit in our inflatable raft as we float on the top!

Because with all storms...... it will pass.

So what do you say.......... wanna ride in our raft?! It is even pink! (It is WAY bigger than this... ever see Mary Poppins' bag? Yeah it is like that!)

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  1. I'm in the raft with you Mummie! Along with the RacDad, Sweet Pea, Little Man and Peanut...and the ever important puppies, blankies and Lightening McQueen. ;) But can my section be my favorite color gray? I'm not much of a pink person. ;)

    I'm not getting into the fight....I'll just wade out the storm with you in my happily oblivious world.


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