Monday, July 2, 2012

I Like......Breastfeeding

Hi Mummies! I wanted to share a post with you. I am so excited to announce I am a guest blogger for The I Like Book. If you have not heard of The I Like Book........ I think you should take a looky-loo!

These little books are pretty cute....and such a great idea! You simply write down what you "like" about someone, fill in the blanks and there is a book to cherish forever.

There are different kind of I Like Books: The I Like Book for couples, The I Like Book for kids (which comes in different colors) and The I Like Book for women.

I was given an awesome opportunity to be a guest blogger for them...... and of course I HAD to do a breastfeeding topic. (I wouldn't be me if I did anything else!) So check out my post (nicely titled) The I Like........Breastfeeding!

Feel free to comment on the post as well, and share some love for them! (They are AWESOMELY one of my sponsors for The Big Latch On in Cartersville!


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