Monday, July 9, 2012

Shopping carts...... do's and don'ts

How many times have you seen this scenario? A mummie (or daddy) getting out of the car, going to the backseat and removing a sleeping  newborn from the back. Not wanting to wake the baby, they keep the baby in their infant seat carrier. (Inside you say "AWWWWW! I love me some sleeping babies!) You watch this sweet moment all the way into the store when your smile goes from "Awwww how sweet" to "OH NOOOOOOOO" scared cringe. You watch as they place the infant carrier ON TOP of the shopping cart and walk away.

**If you are lost and wondering why I put "OH NOOOOO", let me explain.**

It is very unsafe to place a baby's seat on top of a shopping cart. Why? (I am so glad you asked! I love when people ask questions!) The answer is it is dangerous...... and it is dangerous for MANY reasons!

I recently came across of blog....... and I fell in love! I thought "what a great way to describe why this is so unsafe!" So let me let Treading Raging Waters explain the rest! (I mean she did such a great job!) When you see PINK that will be my input!

Meet Bob!
 (Hi Bob!!!! I know you are clean.... 'cause I just bleached the GERM out of you!)

Bob is a shopping cart that LOVES to help out with your trip to the grocery store.  See how happy it makes him??
(Awwwwww! So happy!)

The only things Bob loves more than shopping...are BABIES!!

Bob is super excited to help this family get groceries...but wait, what is this...??  Bob is not happy... 
(Poor Bob! But I have to agree with him! I am sad too!)

You see, Bob took a class on car seat safety.  He knows that putting an infant carrier on the top of shopping cart can be very VERY dangerous. 
(Great job Bob! You know your stuff!)

Bob has heard every excuse in the book as to why people put their infant carriers in the top of the shopping cart, even when they have been told time and time again that it was unsafe. 
( :-( )

Bob also knows that anecdotal evidence doesn't get you very far in life.  Just because somewhere down the line, somebody survived this
(Here sharky, sharky, sharky!)

it doesn't make their choices any less idiotic and it DOES NOT mean that it's a good idea for you to do it as well. 
(Yeah...... UMMMM  no thanks! Me no likey sharkys!)

So...without further ado, let's go over some reasons why putting a carrier in the top of a cart is not a safe choice. 

Reason #1

Strollers and infant car seat bases are made so that when they are holding a car seat, the recline angle is between 30 and 45 degrees so that the baby gets an adequate flow of oxygen.

(Humor me/use your imagination, do whatever it takes to pretend this looks like a car seat) 
(Heck, I was impressed!)

However, if I had a dime for how many times I was walking through the grocery store and saw this... 
(Blood rush to the brain, anyone?!)

well, I'd have a lot of dimes.  When the carrier is not at a correct recline angle, the baby's oxygen can be cut off if they are in the carrier for a prolonged period.

**DISCLAIMER** If you don't see anything wrong with the above picture, stop what you are doing, go sit on the couch, prop your legs up on the back cushions and lean back to watch tv for the next hour...then come back and let me know how you feel and how easy it was for you to breathe.
(Go ahead...... I will wait..........)
(Not very comfy, huh?)

Reason #2 
 Having an infant seat on the top of the cart makes it top heavy. Something as simple as rounding a corner too quickly can flip the entire shopping cart over. 
(Many babies have DIED due to falling out of the cart, because of this. A local infant died, after falling out of the cart, when a store employee was pushing the cart for the mother. VERY TRAGIC. It DOES happen!)

Reason #3
While it's already hard to see what is in front of you when you are pushing a shopping cart, adding an infant car seat that sticks up an extra 12+ inches makes it impossible.  You never know what you'll run into or run over when your view is obstructed.

You did it killed Kenny. (while I have never seen South park myself, it was re-enacted one too many times in middle school so it is now permanently etched in my head)
(She SOOOOO did a Who Killed Kenny! OMG!)

 Reason #4
Even if your car seat appears to click (because I hear that all the time... "well mine fits, it even latches on"), it was not made to be up there, it was only made to "click" onto a stroller or car seat base. A small jolt is sometimes enough to un-latch it from the cart and have the entire carrier flip over onto the floor in a matter of seconds. 

Since it was NOT made to fit on a cart, trying to get it to latch on anyway could damage the mechanism that makes it attach to your car seat base. You won't notice that it is defective it until you are flying down the highway and get into a wreck and your child's seat is ejected through the front windshield. However, by then it will be too late.
(Not something ANYONE wants to think about.... but it IS true.)

(pretty self explanatory, I'll spare you yet another of my beautiful drawings)

Reason #6
Every car seat manufacturer specifically says NOT to do it, so why not listen?
(DO people really read those things.... I mean other than my husband and I.... surely there are other paranoid people out there!....right?)

So...let's recap.
(I love me a good recap!)

Regardless of who has done it and who's kids "were fine," when they did it, doesn't mean it's safe.  That's skewed logic.

You could potentially be setting up your child to have a difficult time breathing during your trip to the grocery store.

Your cart becomes top heavy, it could flip! 

A car seat never actually latches on to a cart.

You could damage the latching mechanism and not find out until the seat doesn't perform in crash.

All car seat manufacturers warn against it.

So...what are your other options?
Put your baby's car seat IN THE CART, not ON IT. This is a sure fire way to make Bob super happy!
(I sometimes did this with Pooker AND we did it with Kit Kat. I would put Pooker in the cart seat (with a cart cover..... nasty, dirty carts!)  and shop.  If you are getting a few times this works REALLY well!)

OR (my personal favorite)

You can always wear your baby!

(Also my FAV way to shop! Kinda make the best outfit accessory!)

So there you have it Mummies! A great illustrated explanation of the Do's and Don'ts of shopping carts!
Thank you to Treading Raging Waters for her awesome post! (I kinda snatched them off her site! But I give you MAD props lady!!!!!!) 


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