Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Big Latch On 2012

World Breastfeeding Week is COMING! Which means.... so is The Big Latch On! If you are new to the idea of The Big Latch On...... let  me explain it. Besides a cute name ('cause it is! The Big Latch On...... so CUTE!) it is also a great way to spread breastfeeding education, awareness,  and support! At every hosted location, Mummies get together at 10:30 am (your local time) and "latch on" for at least one minute. At the end of ALL events (this is a world wide event!) all of the "latched" Mummies are counted. The goal is to break the world record, which currently is 15,128 at 295 sites across the Philippines on 2 May 2007. This event was held last year, and although we did not break the world record, we had a pretty good turn out.

Last year's event had 412 locations, 5 different countries, and 5,687 "latchers."

I hosted my local Big Latch On last year...... and I am so excited to be hosting The Big Latch On in Cartersville again this year! Last year my event had 27 Mummies latch and 68 people attended! We had Future Nummie Lovers, current Nummie Lovers, "graduated" Nummie Lovers, Mummies, Daddies, grandmothers and friends all come and show their support! I was so awe struck by the amount of support our location had...... it was absolutely amazing!

I wanted to share some AWESOME news about our event this year! Not only are we having an INDOOR location...... but it is also SO child friendly! Our location this year is LifeSong Montessori School.... you really can not get any more "child friendly" than that! There are two playgrounds to keep the little ones occupied and you can even visit the Library when you are done (which is located in the same parking area!!)

We also have WONDERFUL sponsors this year! I am going to admit that I am JEALOUS of the winners of our door prizes! OH MY GOSH.......... we have not even started our event and I am already in awe! The companies I have contacted have STEPPED up in some amazing ways! Here is what we have so far: (Now keep in mind that I have MORE door prizes coming in! They just have not come in YET......But when they do I will update this list!!!!!!!!)

Sweetamagoos: Two nursing necklaces and TWO homemade soap bars (ONE winner per prize!)

Bamboobies: THREE sets of cloth breast pads! (THREE winners!)

Sara Diaper Parties: EcoNuts detergent

MaeWares: 1 Reversible Boppy Cover and 1 Wet Bag (1 winner each)

Making Mama's Milk and More: Gift certificate (1 winner)

Zookie's Crafts: 1 cloth diaper and matching Wet Bag (1 winner)

Thirsties:  Set of AIO diapers and hemp inserts (1 winner)

GumDrop Pacifiers: Personalized My Baby GumDrop Paci clip with paci (pink or blue)  (1 winner)

Warm Milk: 2 breastfeeding diaper bags (2 winners!)

HollyDay Designs: $50.00 gift certificate (1 winner)
(This picture is my milk pendant bracelet she made for me! Yes.... that heart is my breastmilk, and personalized with the word "Nummies!") 

Bitty Bottoms: 1 Bumgenius Freetime Diaper, 1 Amber Teething Necklace, Changing Diapers Book (1 winner per prize)

Belmama and Cherub LLC: 1 The Shower Hug (1 winner)

Cookies, then Milk: Lactation cookie mix gift package (2 winners)
(This photo was taken by me, last year. These mixes are AWESOME! This is NOT the prize.... but will  be similar.)

We will also have 40 goodybags! The first 40 Mummies (participating OR pregnant) who sign in will get a goodybag! Now I am still working on these.... but so far we have samples of Rockin' Green detergent, GroVia Tiny Bubbles detergent (From Bitty Bottoms), Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter, and SO many more items that have not arrived just yet. ALSO the first TEN who sign in will get a little something extra in their goody bag..... A special gift from HollyDay Designs!

Oh and don't forget about the FOOD! Yupp.... we will even feed you! Many MANY thanks goes to Publix for sponsoring our event for the second year!

I hope everyone is as excited about The Big Latch On as I am! What a great way to meet other Mummies who feel the same way you do! Such a positive experience for all! If you are too far away and con not come to my event (I understand........ but I would LOVE for everyone to come!) check out The Big Latch On website to find a location near you!



  1. Looking forward to being there! Does it count twice if you tandem nurse? ;)

    1. Hi Lindsey!!!! You are awesome for tandem nursing!!!! Sadly...... the count only counts mothers.... not babies. But I would LOVE to have you there representing the tandem families!!!!


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