Monday, July 30, 2012

World Breastfeeding Week 2012

I am BACK! and I am BACK just in time! I was MIA last week, due to a medical issue (which I will share with you all........ later), but I am doing MUCH better now and it is a good thing! World Breastfeeding Week is almost upon us, The Big Latch On is only days away...... and the world does not stop for health issues!

Just this morning I was interviewed for a local AM radio station WBHF1450.... my first ever on air radio interview! I was so nervous! But so excited that they wanted to talk to me about The Big Latch On. What a great way to spread the word to my community!

My (awesome, amazing, supportive) husband even RECORDED it for me! (I heard you go "awwww!") He did not tell me he was doing this...... but I knew he was listening (VIA internet)....... pretty special huh?

SO here it is...... Mummie's first radio interview!

(Oh and please pardon my slip up of AARP and AP...... I MEANT to say AAP! But you will see what I mean!)
**You may need to turn up your volume......**


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