Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Latch On in Cartersville

........was a HUGE success AGAIN! This year was even bigger than last year! Our total number of people who came was 91 (just shy of my 100 people goal..) and the amount of Mummies and babies latched on was 26! We had some AWESOME food from Publix Bakery, a fantabulous location at LifeSong Montessori School, AMAZING local vendors, rockin' door prizes and some pretty spectacular people!!!!

**Drum roll please!!!!!!!!*********
Together, with a WORLD WIDE effort.... we had an amazing number of 8,862 mummies latch on! This smashed last year's number! WAY TO GO MUMMIES!

Here are some photos...... you can check them all out here.... more will be added as I get them in!

 (Cookies, then Milk... fresh baked Lactation Cookies!)
 (Sarah's Diaper Parties!)

(Ferguson Family Chiropractor)

(Mae Wares!!!)

(Awesome items for everyone to take home)

(Table 1 of door prizes!)

(Table 2 of door prizes!)

We also had Le Leche League, Best Natural Birth, WIC breastfeeding Peer Counselor of Cartersville and Sweetamagoos!

The amount of support that some along with the Mummies and Nummie Lovers..... was nothing short of wonderful! We had husbands, mothers, friends, partners and even older siblings come along to show their support! We had two local news outlets come! One was from Cartersville UNCUT, and they did an interview with me! I am so proud of them for coming........Their episode, that includes The Big Latch On, will be out soon!

(Hehe! That is ME!!!!!)

(All of the Mummies... and Mr. Mummie...... Look at this group of Mummies!!!)

(Me, Mr. Mummie, Pooker and Kit Kat)

(We got a Mummie foto! I love my Mummies!)

And...... I just could not resist some of these Nummie Lovers! So I made a collage!

(Look at me hold we wee little Nummie Lover!!!!!!!!!!)

When it came down the BIG moment.... my amazing husband (Mr. Mummie) took this awesome video.... it is short.... but awesome!

Thank you to EVERYONE who came, who supported, and who sponsored this rockin' event! It would not have been nearly as awesome with out you!

Now who is ready for next year?!

Thank you!!!!


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