Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Breastfed baby needs help

There are some stories that rip your heart in half. Stories that make you wonder the reasoning behind such tragedy. Stories that stop you in your tracks and you grab for your heart. The story I am about to share with you.... is one of those stores.

Meet Baby Nicholas:

A miracle baby, in his own right...... Doctors said his Mummie could not have children. 

Born two weeks early due to an amniotic fluid problem.... He was in the NICU for about a week and then released into the arms of his Mummie. This Mummie constantly pumped and was very strict with his feedings..... doing all she could to keep him healthy.

A little guy, only weeks old. So innocent. So dependent on those around him, to love him, care for him.......... No doubt the love his  Mummie's life. Days that should be spent bonding with his Mummie, taking in the scent of her, the feel of her touch, the beat of her heart, the safeness of her embrace......... these days are over for Nicholas.

Nicholas' Texas apartment caught fire and it took everything.... including his Mummie. Nicholas' grandmother saved him by passing him to a neighbor...... after the neighbor kicked in his patio wall to save them. Nicolas' Mummie, Carrie, went back into the apartment to get something (not sure what) but was not able to get back out. She later died in the hospital.

With only the clothes on their backs..... Nicholas and his grandmother are finding out how to start over.... minus one heart. Not only are they in need of daily items....  but this family is also looking for breastmilk donations. In the wake of what they are going through...... this little family wants to continue what the Mummie started........ to nourish Nicholas with breast milk -- for as long as possible.

My hope is that Baby Nicholas will someday know the love his Mummie had for him and her determination to keep him safe and healthy. Maybe, by some miracle, he will remember her embrace, her scent, her touch, her voice. Even if only in a passing dream......

My heart breaks for this family......Such a tragedy. A loss of what is most important to this baby.... His Mummie.

A loss of not only a mother.... but also a daughter. A mother AND a baby now must find a way to carry on......... with part of their hearts missing.

Taken away too soon.

If you are interested in helping this little Nummie Lover, please contact me. I will get you in contact with a friend of this family, who will be able to give you more details.

Check out how to ship breastmilk or if you would like to donate any gift cards or other items, go to your local Wells Fargo bank for the Carrie Jordan Memorial Fund.



  1. Try local hospitals and milk banks.

  2. I would be afraid that someone would put something in the milk these days you can't trust NO one

  3. Did you know the grandmother could nurse? all she has to do is start "nursing" baby and stimulate her breast and within a few weeks it could happen. Worst case senerio put him on formula. Thats what most moms in the US do when they cant BF

  4. There is a milk bank in Austin, if they are near there... Http://

  5. I want to help but I dont pump enough to send milk but I can send diapers

  6. if you can donate an items or even gift cards.... feel free to email me at and I can give you the address you need to send them. ~Mummie


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