Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"I want some Nummies"

I was totally going to post about how we are on day 19 of Kit Kat's self weaning..... day 19 of NO nummies.

I was SO going to explain how every other day, in the shower, I hand express.... just to see if I can get a stream (or two) to shoot the shower wall....... (Maybe more like "ready-aim-fire" instead of "hand express." Okay and I do both sides!)

I was also going to say how well I was "adjusting" to our new morning routine. How I could lay in bed (a wee bit longer) and not have to worry about Kit Kat waiting (errrr freaking out) for her morning nummies.

I was going to mention how well Kit Kat is doing, although she seems to be a bit more reluctant to give up her paci in the mornings (she knows she has to leave it in her bed) but over all she seems pretty happy with her "decision" to be done with her nummies.

Oh and I was going to mention how she was so very curious when she watched a friend's (Hi Chrissy!) toddler "eating" while we had a little mini playdate last week.

I guess I can still technically tell you all that........  (which is a good thing...... 'cause I kinda just did.)

But today's post changed course about an hour ago. You see...... while sitting on the couch, during Daddy's lunch time (he comes home for lunch everyday...... yeah we are lucky like that!)..... Kit Kat got into her "hold me like a baby" position (yeah she says that often. In her little munchkin voice--think Lolipop Kids from Wizard of Oz-- and "Hold me like a baaaaaby" is too precious to resist!) then proceeded to say "Mommy I want some of your Nummies."
Me: "Really?"
Kit Kat: "Yes. I want some Nummies." Then proceeds to pull my shirt down.
Me: (Looks at Mr. Mummie and shrugs while Mr. Mummie smiles and shrugs back. LOVE how he knew I could not resist her... and how he just smiled his approving smile.) "Okay."
Kit Kat: (giggles and then says) "Yippie" (Yippie?! That was a new one.) **Munch munch munch........"mmmmmm mmmm mmmm" Munch munch munch...."mmmmmm mmmm mmm."
Me: "You getting any?"
Kit Kat: (nods) "hmmm hmmmm."

(You know I had to ask for my cell phone (it was out of reach.. so Mr. Mummie got it for me)... I HAD to get a picture of this! I mean this could be our "last" photo!)

The girl would not even let go to say goodbye to daddy.... he had to lean over and kiss her on the forehead (and mine too!) and still...... she stayed. Then she popped off and said "I want more. I want this side" (smacks my other nummie maker.) 

And what do you think was my response? Take a guess:

Hey, I never said my babies don't walk all over me. But look at those faces (JUST LOOK!) I bet you would be a walking mat as well.

All I have to say is..... Couldn't you do this on Saturday.... when Mummie hosted the Big Latch On?! Girl, we could not be counted two years in a row! But NOW you want some nummies?! Oye.

Rock your breastfeeding journey, Mummies.... Rock them loud and proud!



  1. I would have let my munchkin go on too!

  2. I just loove it!!!! it really illustrates how natural weaning is really a process... XOXOXO


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