Thursday, August 30, 2012

Luvs LOVES breastfeeding!

Not too often does a video grab  my attention..... and most of the time it is for the wrong reasons. BUT I came across this video today and I am in luv! :-) (Notice the pun?)

Luvs has come out with a new commercial and I can not say enough AWESOME enough! AWESOME!!!!!!!

So "second time Mummies".... do you agree? When you gotta feed... you gotta feed! (UMMMMM...... YEAH!)

Drum roll please..........

"So has already"


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  1. I never NIP with my first because we only nursed a month and I pretty much sequester myself those first few weeks home.

    By about 6 months with Wyatt, I pretty much said f* the cover! lol


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