Monday, August 20, 2012

What's in your bag?

Who wants to play a game? It is time for "WHAT IS IN YO' BAG?!"

I am known as the Mummie who carries the Mummie bag...... even when (the very FEW times I have been away from my girls) I still carry it! It is my purse, hand bag, luggage, "diaper bag"...... my Mary Poppins' bag. This bag can carry IT ALL! I am not kidding you.

Some people have asked me "What you got in there? One of your children?" My answer........ "everything BUT!"

So I decided to show you!

SO here I am carrying my bag...

(this picture is my bag (And yours truly) on any given day BEFORE we leave our house. Yes... I said BEFORE.)

Here is what is inside my bag (on and given day.)

Let's see...... Shall we break this photo down? 
1 just in case book
1 emergency diaper
1 bag of wipies (cause those things are AWESOME!)
1 cloth towel (just in case a sneeze produces some icky boogers)
1 container of bleach wipes (Never leave home without!)
1 coupon booklet
2 (homemade) purple flower hair clips
1 purple bow hair clip (Now that is where that one went!)
1 strawberry sunglasses (the other one... okay the other THREE are in the van)
1 wallet
1 pack of crayons
1 pad of paper and 1 pen
1 bag of Cheerios (Normally have crackers too)
1 set of cloth breastpads (Hmmmmmm guess I have not cleaned out my diaper bag in a while! I haven't used those in over a year!)
1 stack of Mummie's Nummies business cards (of course!)

1 medium size pink "cleaner stuff" bag that contains the following:
3 travel size bleach wipes (I have a problem.....)
4 Purex hand wipe singles
2 travel containers of hand sanitizer (the jugs are in the van! Again.... problem... I know... I have one.)

1 small floral "just in case" bag that contains the following:
1 chap stick
1 Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter
1 travel nail file
1 travel thermometer forehead sticker thingy
1 6 second thermometer
1 pair of teeny scissors
1 nail clippers
3 travel diaper rash cream (never used it... but what the heck.... just in case.)
1 travel size cloth face wipes (Just need water! Never used it... but again.... just in case.)
20 pink plastic trash bags (?)
1 travel tissue pack

Good Gravy! Oh but that is not all. Remember how I said that this was BEFORE we got out of the house? Well I wanted to share with you what I carry in my bag when we LEAVE the house. (Bare with me.. my crop and paste skills are kinda lacking.)

For Pooker:
1 Angelina Ballerina 
1 Jessie (from Toy Story)
1 Captain America
1 pink Snuggly
2 Innotab Tablets

1 Pink sippy cup
1 water bottle
1 kindle (me hehe)
1 emergency sports drink for me (yeah yeah..... Hey at least I am being cautious! If I feel some Vasao Vagal Syncope coming... down that drink goes!)
2 snack bowls for the Cheerios

For Kit Kat:
1 Underdog (big dog)
1 T-Bone (little dog.. get it... he is a Tiny dog holding a bone.... T for Tiny...... Bone for what he is holding........ ok.)
1 pink snuggly

Sometimes they will bring their own bags and stuff them full of stuff too...... this also does not include the books, toys and blankets we have in MeMe the Mini Van. Also does not include what we bring when Daddy comes along, or my phone and keys.

See why I need such a big Mary Poppins' bag?

So..... what you got in Yo' Bag?!


P.S. This is actually a lot less than what I normally carried when the girls were younger. I HAVE scaled down.... I swear!


  1. lol. I use to carry a large purse and a whole lot of stuff. But I went on a purse "diet" lol. I now have just the bare minimum. Cards, ID, a few coupons stuffed in there, pad in case of AF, and very rarely money. lol

    Its so small I can fit it in my diaper bag. which just has a couple diapers and wipes and maybe a change of cloths, depending on where we are going and how long I'll be out.

  2. How do you like the Innotab? We were thinking we would get one for my son.


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