Monday, September 10, 2012

Shaky ground

Support is an important key in reaching your breastfeeding goals and support can be a determining factor in your breastfeeding journey. But support in breastfeeding is not the only goal here at Mummie's Nummies. Non-judgmental is the heart of Mummie's Nummies. This not only involves breastfeeding-- but in life, love and daily struggles as well. In no way does Mummie's Nummies support negative comments, perpetual jabs or judgmental actions toward any of our Mummies.

At the core of us all is a loving heart-- a want to support each other in how ever is needed. May it be a cyber hug, words of encouragement or even a simple :-). Because we have all been been there or we see yourselves in each other. Everyone has the need to vent-- to get something out of their heart, it is a natural human need. It helps us from exploding. To release a personal experience or a vent about family or friends is always welcome. In most cases all that is expected is an understanding hug. But what is not welcomed is when this vent or negative experience/comments is about someone within the Mummie's Nummies breastfeeding circle.

I created Mummie's Nummies so that other Mummies would have a place to go to. A place that is full of support and non-judgmental hearts. Everyone has their own opinions, that is what makes each of us unique and amazing. I would never ask anyone to hide or suppress their opinions, when their opinion is requested.

However, when an opinion has crossed a line, has gone against what Mummie's Nummies is based upon and is directed toward ANY fellow Mummie... I must step in. All of my Mummies are special to me and ALL hold a special place in my heart. The love I have for ALL of my Mummies is similar to the love a Mummie has towards her children. You do not love one child more than the other, nor do you favor one child over the other. You do what is best for ALL of your children and you try to do what is fair. That is what I am trying to do.

No, not everyone will get along. There will be disagreements and some heated topics will be discussed. It is how people handle these disagreements and heated topics that sets Mummie's Nummies apart from other parenting groups. There is a time and place for all disagreements...... But to bring negative thoughts/vibes/comments and "drama" into Mummie's Nummies goes against everything I have created and worked so hard on.

Mummie's Nummies is a place of support and NON-judgment. Will there be times you disagree and find yourself getting away from what Mummie's Nummies stands for? Perhaps... But I hope it will not be brought into the circle of Mummie's Nummies.

Yesterday my heart was sad. My wishes were not taken seriously, my actions were questioned, my heart was questioned and the ground of Mummie's Nummies was shaken. I was forced to take action, action that I have never had to do and told myself I would never do. I have never wanted to "silence" a comment or a thread.... but I will always put Mummie's Nummies first. For the first time in two years... with MUCH thought.... I had to do just that.

Mummie's Nummies is not the place to be negative toward each other. If you feel the need to do so.... you must take it else where. Please remember Mummie's Nummies is my baby...... and I will do all I have to in order to protect my baby. Think of me as the super mom who lifts the 6,000 pound mini van off her child.

Today is a new day.... a cloudless day with plenty of sunshine!  Let us remember what we are all here for: Our Nummie Lovers, US, and the circle of support that is oh so important.


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