Friday, September 21, 2012

That is not grey...that is a new blonde

The normal morning routine:

1.Wake up
2.Go potty
3.Take a shower
4.Apply makeup
5.Dry hair
6.Finish hair
7.Get dressed
8.Go downstairs
9.Get everyone's breakfast ready
10.Get girls dressed
11.Do girls hair
12.Put on shoes 
13.Double check looks before walking out the door
14.(Triple check looks before walking out the door.)

But what happens when in between step 6 and 7 you notice something... different? Something that makes you take a double, triple, quadruple look. Something that makes you go  "ummmmm.... what is THAT?!... Nah..... that is not what it looks like. It must be the lighting... Yeah... it HAS to be the lighting. We really should get new lights up in here!"

Then a few moments go by as you TRY to complete your morning routine... yet you still can not get your eyes off of that ONE spot. Could.... it.... be?

Then you realize....... YUPP! THERE IS A GREY HAIR!!!!!

(Can you see it?! Yupp, that one right... THERE.)

Has it hit you yet?

Worse.... has anyone made a comment about it?

What you can NOT see in this photo is my darling husband (Mr. Mummie) standing right behind me.... fresh from the shower (NAKED! Payback baby! Read on to understand...hehe.) The look on his face was... well.. priceless. It seems the image of his wife standing in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing only a shirt and panties, taking a picture of her hair (while pointing to a spot) was more than he expected.

His reaction: "Umm, what are you doing?"
Me: "Oh, nothing. Just taking a picture."
Mr. Mummie: "Of what? Is that a grey hair? Hey is that MY phone you are using?"
Me: *GASP* "No! No it is not! It is blonde. and Yes... it is your phone. Mine is downstairs."
Mr. Mummie: "Oh sure it is. Blonde you say?"
Me: "Yes... blonde." *Evil eye*
Mr. Mummie: "Hmmmm, (Pondering SOMETHING!) never seen that shade of blonde before." (getting ALL up in MY business!)
Me: "That's because it is a new shade of blonde, you goober."
Mr. Mummie: *laughing his butt out the bathroom door.*
Me: *Trying to kick his butt out the bathroom door without dropping HIS phone.*

Yes.... it is a new shade of blonde.... one so blonde it LOOKS grey. I was a blonde (naturally... thank you) years (or eons) ago.... maybe my dark hair misses the blonde and is trying to go back! Yes... that is what it is... we will stick to that!

So the next time you see a grey hair (or someone sees it first) DENY it! It is a new shade of blonde. Stick to that story (and pretend like you know what you are talking about.... You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist or anything. It is only a color!) and you are good to go!

Tell them Mummie said so!


P.S. I am 100% happy with my "blonde" or grey hair.... it means I am still alive for my babies and my husband. Even though I joke about it.... I am happy it is there! I LOVE grey hair.... I even joked with Mr Mummie that I hope he goes all "silver fox" on me!
As with birthdays.... I am LUCKY to have this "blonde" hair...I know people who have not made it to a certain birthday and many who never made it to the hair changing stage in their lives. I embrace it.... but I can still joke about it. <3

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