Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Breast cupcakes

Sometimes I think the creative side of my brain goes into over drive. Most times it happens during the "quiet" times of my day. You know those times:  rocking your Nummie Lover to sleep, waiting in the parent pick up line, the few precious seconds of quiet when you are peeing.

Well I have been thinking about some "Nummie Maker" theme treats for my local Mummies for our next Breastfeeding Circle meeting. I wanted to do something special for them and something that would be pretty funny.

Breast cupcakes suddenly popped in my head! Who doesn't love cupcakes AND it is a breastfeeding group... so we all love our breasts!  I went on a "Google image" research binge. To my surprise, I found A TON of images! I was like "Oh this will be easy!" But then I realized not ONE of the images explained how they were made! Total BUMMER!

SO I did what ANY Mummie would do... I asked my Mummies! And  in Mummie fashion.... you all came through! So I decided to take step by step photos and show you how I created (what I now call) Nummie Maker Cakes!

Step 1:
I purchased what I needed to create my vision. Everything else I already had.

Step 2:
I baked the cupcakes and allowed them to cool. While the cakes were cooling, I mixed up the Caramel frosting creation and set aside. Once cooled I used my cupcake cutter thingy and made a hole in each of the naked Nummie Maker Cakes. They also have "Mocha" frosting creation for a darker color!

Step 3:
I pipped the Caramel frosting into the hole. (I am not Betty Crocker, I used a zip lock bag with a small hole in the bottom corner as my pipping bag. Worked well!) Kinda looks like a leaking Nummie maker!!!! Right?!

Step 4:
I "dressed" the Nummie Maker Cakes with the Butter Cream frosting. I also used my "pipping bag" (still filled with the Caramel Creation frosting) and made a small circle... which created the areola. I then used one of my girl's plastic spoons and swirled the "areola" into a nice circle shape.

Step 5:
I added a nip (or a Butterscotch chip) in the middle of the Caramel areola. 

VIOLA! A Nummie Maker Cake for all to enjoy! Nnnnnn Nnnnnn NUMMIE!

Feel free to try and share!


  1. Cute! Any flavor substitution recommendations for those who dislike caramel and butterscotch? I can think of peanut butter chips...

    1. After I was done.... I thought "that looks like PB!" You can use a dab of PB instead of the Caramel frosting. I also saw Mocha frosting for darker nips... just use choco chips! Let me know if you change it up! I would love to see how it turned out!


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