Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You know you are a breastfeeding Mummie when...

There are some moments that only a breastfeeding Mummie would understand. Not everyone can understand those zany little comments or sly actions of a breastfed baby/toddler. I posted before about breastfeeding moments.... that makes you a breastfeeding mummie and since then.... I have found a few more to add to the list!

Here we go:

You might be a breastfeeding Mummie.... if......

*While showering with your Nummie Lover, (you are sitting on the shower seat) they walk around to your side and say "Mummie, I just want to kiss your nummies."

*Also while in the shower.. your Nummie lover walks around you and says "Mommy I just wanna see your skin." Then while you are distracted washing your oldest daughter, your Nummie Lover raises your arm (WITHOUT you realizing) and proceeds to latch on and refuses to let go! (WAIT WHAT??!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Oh Daddy... we have a problem!)

*While shopping in the store with your two children, you pass a baby crying. Your oldest looks at you and says "Awwww. That baby is sad. He must want some Nummies." and to that your youngest looks at you and says "Yeah... how about your Nummies? I will share." (I laughed it off and walked faster!)

*Your Nummie Lover gets all snuggly and says "Mommy, I love your Nummies. They are yummy." When asked what they taste like, she responds with "They taste like you." (Yeah that one melted me!)

*We are in the throws of Child Lead Weaning. Which means Kit Kat is breastfeeding 1-3 times a week. Sometimes I am able to distract her with a snack (The term "eat" for food and "eat" for nummies are the same for her. So I try the "eat" for food first.) While at big sister's soccer game, your Nummie Lover creeps over to you, lays on your lap and says "Mommy I want some Nummmies." You respond with "Really?!" (Because a semi supportive family member is listening and you see them cringe from the corner of your eye.) She then says "Nah! I just pretending!" and struts off.

*Your Nummie Lover gets ALL excited when it is time for your monthly Breastfeeding Support Circle.... because.... "Can I watch the babies eat their nummies?!" Oddly enough you answer with "You have to ask them first."

*While you are getting dressed, you notice your Nummie Lover grinning at you.... you smile and think "Awwww! She loves me!" Then you realize... wait a minute.... she is not looking at my face.... she is looking....... down....... wait is that DROOL on her lips???? "HEY!!!!!! Stop that!!!" you say as you cover your exposed Nummie Makers. (I mean really..... I am not an all you can eat buffet! Right? Am I?)

*BOTH of your children get angry with you because "SHHHHHH!!!!! I'm feeding my baby!!!!!" (Sheesh! Sorry!! I will be quiet now.)

*You catch your Nummie Lover sitting in a quiet spot holding her baby doll. You ask if she is okay and she responds with "Baby got a booboo. She wanted my nummies." (oh okay... seems normal enough.)

*Your oldest daughter says "Mommy, I like your Nummies (meaning my nummie makers.) I hope I can give my baby my Nummies some day." (Sniff sniff.....Proud Mummie moment.)

*Your Nummie Lover offers YOU her nummies..... oh sweetie... no thank you.

*When you are out and about and notice a Mummie with a breastfed baby.... you smile. It is sorta like motorcycle etiquette.. instead of the Motorcycle Wave... it is the Mummie Smile.

Can you relate? Do you have any others to add?


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