Monday, November 19, 2012


With Thanksgiving only DAYS away...... I thought this would be a great time to do a PSA.

***Breastfeeding Mummies: Enjoy your Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole and Pumpkin Pie. Butter up those biscuits and spend time with your family and friends. BUT watch out.... I REPEAT..... WATCH OUT for that Tryptophan!***

This ends the PSA from Mummie.

Gobble gobble gobble!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I breastfeed my three year old..... so what

I went to bed last night knowing something was about to change. That the next morning would be the start of something new, something different and even more special. I snuggled and kissed Kit Kat good night, knowing we would never see this stage again. Last night was the LAST time I could say that Kit Kat is a two year old. We all woke up knowing this day is the start of a new journey. Pooker woke up knowing her baby sissy is three. Mr Mummie woke up knowing his youngest is three. I woke up knowing that my baby is three... and that we have hit our 3 year breastfeeding journey milestone. (Okay more like CRASHED INTO THE BRICK BREASTFEEDING JOURNEY WALL DOING 100 MPH.) I woke up to the fact that, yes... I am breastfeeding a THREE YEAR OLD.


OMG! Yes! My THREE YEAR OLD LOVES her nummies. She is a breastfed three year old CHILD. You wanna know something else? There is nothing wrong with that! I will be honest and tell you that I never started out thinking I would be breastfeeding a three year old. Not that I ever thought anything was wrong with that. But I just never thought about it. From the very beginning, I set a two year goal and I never thought beyond that. I realized this morning... I am beyond our goal now. Today we have not just reached our breastfeeding journey goal.... but we have SHATTERED it! (Enter glass shattering sound)

Does Kit Kat breastfeed every day? No. Would it mattered if she did? No. She breastfeeds once a week... which means she is "still" breastfed. Does she eat other food? YES. The girl can put a grown man to shame! She LOVES fruit, meat, veggies, candy, chocolate, dairy products, cookies, cereal, pasta... and yes breastmilk. Will she drink breastmilk out of a cup? NO. Have I tried? MANY TIMES. I gave up when I started to get injured by the flying cup she would launch at me that contained pumped breastmilk. (Dude, have you ever been on the receiving end of a plastic cup to the back of your head? How about to your nose? Cheek bone? It HURTS! You learn after the first ten times not to offer pumped breastmilk again... or if you are a slow learner it might take a broken nose, broken cheek bone or possible concussion before you realize not all babies/children will accept pumped breastmilk in ANY form.)

Does a breastfed child look different from a non breastfed child? Nope. Chances are, you would never be able to pick out a breastfed child in a line up. A breastfed child looks like any other child (... but I like to think mine is a bit cuter... I am her Mummie after all.) BUT just to prove to you that a breastfed child looks "normal"... I wanted to show you want a breastfed child looks like.

(Cute right?)

(Notice anything "off" with her yet? Three heads? Eight arms? No? Well maybe we will try another one.)

(Hmmmm..... She looks normal to me... cute... but normal)

The best part of breastfeeding a three year old? (Cover your ears anti breastfeeding supporters) Her comments! Oh my gosh. She once told me "Mommy, your Nummies taste like you" and this awesome video I took last week:

"Hot dogs?!" Yeah that was a new one!

When will I stop breastfeeding Kit Kat? Well "I" wont stop her. She will be done when she is good and ready. Does that mean she will be breastfeeding while she is in school? No. That simply means she will breastfeed for as long as she wants to. Will she be "damaged" because she is "still" breastfeeding? No. Are you damaged because you drink out of a straw? Are you damaged because you drink milk? No... I didn't think so.

Kit Kat is a normal three year old girl. She loves running, coloring, drawing circles and faces. She loves to embarrass me in the store as she screams because she can't play with the dog toy (Oh come's for dogs...) She loves candy, she loves to snuggle and be silly. She loves her Daddy like he is her super hero. She can be too darn cute for her own good. 

She also breastfeeds. Yupp.... she is pretty normal.

Happy birthday Kit Kat. You are an awesome little girl and I am honored to be your Mummie. I love you.

(Yeah.... still cute!)


Friday, November 9, 2012

December Bash 2012

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout... Mummie is telling you why....... December Bash is coming to town!

You heard it right! We are bringing the Bash in December! Pucker up Buttercups and get ready for some fun. The WHOLE month of December will be filled with giveaways that will make your Christmas tree burst and might even put some shame on Santa! (Even the big 'Ole Jolly Man could use some help.)

Here are a list of our December Bash Elves:

AppleCheeks cloth diaper
Mummie's Nummies (YUPP I am throwing in a signed copy of Breastfeeding Journey!)

So hang your Mistletoe, turn up the Christmas Carols and deck your halls! Mummie is coming down the chimney with a load of gooodies!

P.S. If you are interested in being one of our Elves, just email me at The more the Mummier... I mean Merrier!! 


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nose picking and breastfeeding in public


I came across an image (and caption) today (thanks to one of my readers) and it hit me the wrong way. Blame it on today's cold rainy weather or the fact I REALLY had to go pee......but MAN I was up in arms. Now before I say any more... please let me give some detail. The following photo and caption were posted on a radio station's facebook page, based out of Calgary Canada. (Wanna send them some Mummie's Nummies love? Check out their FB page.)Granted... the photo is cute... all babies pick noses. Kit Kat was a brain picker, I SWEAR she would have her finger up so high in her nose she was tickling her brain. Whole finger GONE into the abyss of her nasal passages. So I get it.... cute, normal, funny..... but it stops there.

The caption read:
(There are some things you just SHOULD NOT DO IN PUBLIC. Nose picking, any-kind-of-nail-clipping, breast feeding, snot rocketing & armpit-sniffing. Anything else?)

BREASTFEEDING?! Breastfeeding and "snot rocketing" in the same sentence?! WHO in their sane mind would consider "snot rocketing" and breastfeeding in public to be one in the same? It is like me saying having raunchy sex on the Thanksgiving table while Great Grandma gnaws on the tryptophan filled turkey leg are one in the same. (Pass the mashed potatoes please.)

Seriously people! Come on! Why have we, as a society, not gotten over this whole breastfeeding in public = EWWWWWW mentality? 
I am just gonna put it out there, right here, right now. Breastfeeding in public IN NO way shape or form has ANY connection with:
*Nose picking
*"Snot Rocketing"
*Arm pit sniffing
* Urinating on a public building or space
*Wedgie picking
*Finger nail clipping
*Zit popping
*Crotch grabbing
*Spitting loogie
*Butt scratching

Now there are plenty other GROSS public behaviors, but I think you get the general idea. Me being... well... ME, I could not let the 500+ comments on this radio station's FB post continue without little 'Ole Mummie. So I decided to add my two nummie makers in there.  If you know me (or have been a reader of mine for a while) you know I am NOT against formula. I do NOT think formula is a sinister food. I am 100% for breastfeeding (duh) and 100% for non judgmental support. No matter how a Mummie (or Fate) decides on how a child will be fed, everyone deserves support and should not be made to feel guilty. So posts like this really chaps my nips! (Where is my Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter?!)

I responded with:
"It seems to me that when ANY media outlet decides to put breastfeeding into the "never do in public" or the "same as peeing in public" category they are ONLY trying to gain attention. Negative attention..... but attention either way. When will people (media included) stop making it one way or the other, when it comes to parenting styles. No matter how you look at it... breastfeeding (in MOST situations) is a choice. Why try to pin one set of parents against another? Just let mothers be mothers, as long as no one is getting hurt... why do some people FEEL the need to bring up such disgraceful topics? There is enough "blame game" going around, society does not need any help in that category. Let mothers feed THEIR how they want, how they can, and where they need to. All Mummies (regardless of how they feed their children) deserve respect, they are doing the best they can with what they are given.... respect that and do not make others feel like they are doing something wrong when they are not."

I then went a step further and posted on their FB wall:

Instead of trying to make breastfeeding mothers feel self conscious or embarrassed by breastfeeding their children (in public), perhaps a better route would be to show support for ALL feeding styles. Breastfeeding in public, or anywhere for that matter, has nothing to do with any form of public indecency. It has nothing to do with picking noses, peeing on the side of a building, armpit sniffing or any other form of "no no in public" behaviors. Blasting any mom for how they feed their child does not help anyone. You only alienate a large percentage of people and that is sad. Perhaps knowing the correct information about breastfeeding and sharing that knowledge would be better suited. Knowing what the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends can make a world of difference to MANY families. They both recommend breastfeeding for at least one year. They are also now saying to breastfeeding for TWO years and beyond. Sharing the correct information and not mean spirited comments could help so many. I hope you won't continue to trap your listeners into a hole of incorrect knowledge. ~Mummie

Mummies... feed your baby when your baby is hungry. I do not care of your nummie lover is hungry while in line at the grocery store, while boot shopping or walking down Main Street. FEED THAT NUMMIE LOVER. Do what you feel is best and forget everyone else. This Mummie has your back (or your front.... depends on how you look at it.)


UPDATE!!!!!! Many of you have commented on their FB wall and they have listened! Here is their apology...... Hey they apologized and fixed it.... plus gave his phone number! Any mummies wanna call in and do a Mummie's Nummies Shout out?! 

"Thanks to everyone who has posted and shared their thoughts with us today. We are reading and responding to all your comments. Firstly, I wanted to express my sincere apologies that any comment from AMP Radio has caused upset and offence. We are extremely grateful for everyone who chooses to listen to AMP Radio and make us part of their daily lives. We understand the sensitivities around this subject and wholeheartedly, as any level headed person would, support the right women have to breast feed their children. This facebook post was unfortunate in not explaining the full extent of the conversation that was happening on air. The on air conversation was a personal opinion expressed in particular about breast feeding that wasn’t covered up publically. Whilst this may still be seen as a strong opinion to share, it was expressed in the context of what you don’t want to see in public and was solely about people being uncovered and not about breast feeding in general. We appreciate all the mother’s who called in, having heard the full dialogue to express their agreement in regards to being covered. The on air team did comment on this post acknowledging the omitted wording, however we apologize that the overall post was not edited. The post has now been edited in light of this. The on air team did later in this morning’s show address the comments made on this post and explained that they weren’t trying to cause offence and acknowledge that breast feeding is natural and a woman’s right. I understand that for many of you this response will not make up for the upset caused and for this I am again deeply sorry. I am available to respond to all emails at and any phone calls on 403.520.1632 should you so wish. Paul Kaye, Program Director."

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Juice + Giveaway

Today we have our Lactation Educator, Courtney, with a special giveaway. Courtney is giving away a ten day supply of Juice+ supplements.  Read Courtney's post below and then fly on over to our Mummie's Nummies Facebook Page and enter the GIVEAWAY there!

Take is away Mummie Courtney! 

Raise your hand if you actually get the 7-13 recommended servings of raw, fresh vine-ripened servings of fruits and veggies a day.Good for you! Now raise your hand if your TODDLERS get the same. I didn’t think so. Now you’ll get no judgment from me. I have tried everything to get my toddlers to eat their veggies, we’ve hidden them in bread, in brownies, in smoothies. I’ve even broken down and deep fried them (yes…we live in the south). 

I had all but given up and then I found Juice Plus+. Juice Plus+ is a complement to a healthy diet. Juice Plus+ is the simple, convenient, and inexpensive way to add more nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet, every day. Juice Plus+ is supported by clinical research conducted by researchers at leading hospitals and universities around the world. Juice Plus+ is recommended by thousands of doctors and health professionals around the world. Juice Plus+® contains a wide variety of nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables reduced to juice powder concentrate using a proprietary process. 

Fruits and vegetables contain many phytonutrients, from such familiar vitamins as vitamin C and beta-carotene, to less widely known antioxidant compounds, including polyphenols and flavonoids. It also includes the carotenoids, beta-cryptoxanthin, and lycopene. There have been numerous studies at reputable universities all around the world touting the amazing benefits of Juice Plus. But let me tell you a little about the ones that are going to matter to you. It gets into the bloodstream, which stands to reason that it will get into the breastmilk. It has been shown to have a positive effect on autism and ADHD, it has been shown to slow down the aging process (hello gorgeous skin, ladies!) 

There is also an amazing program, the child health study, that has shown that kids who have been on juice plus have actually shown a change in their eating habits and started to prefer the fruits and veggies! It’s called metabolic reprogramming, and I’ve seen it happen with my rascals. My four year old is enrolled in the study and by filling out a short survey once every few months, we are able to provide him with his JP free of charge, an opportunity that is available to anyone. I know all of that can be a bit scientific, so allow me, please, to tell you a really gross story. We’re all friends here, right?? 

My 4 year old started this year with the stomach virus, and never recovered. He spent the better part of the next two months throwing up and going to the doctors office to be poked and prodded and stuck with needles while I held him down to the table and he screamed for me to make them stop. At the pinnacle of his illness my husband drove us to the ER with him in my lap in the front seat because he had become so lethargic that I had to shake him and remind him to breathe. After abdominal x-rays and CAT scans and talks of life-flighting him to Children’s Hospital, we discovered that he had a severe impaction. His gut had just shut down and he was not absorbing nutrients and he wasn’t passing waste through his system. Since then we have had to be very careful about watching his diet and making sure he gets the right foods to keep things in working order. A friend of mine had been trying for a couple of years to get me to try Juice Plus+, so I decided that now was the time. He has been on Juice Plus+ for a little over two months now and my tiny little four year old poops like a college linebacker! 

I have come to believe so much in the power of healthy nutrition and the power of Juice Plus+ to fill the gaps in our daily eating, that I have joined up with the company in getting the word out to as many people as possible. As a lactation educator, you know my heart rests with you Mummies. I would love to see every one of you and your family getting this powerful tool in your belt. I am offering a 10 day child’s supply of gummies. You won’t believe how much your kids will love these things! Even as an adult I want to eat them, the fortunate thing is, since they are whole food, you can’t possibly overdose on them! I am also offering any advice or education or help that I can provide on the subject, because I believe in the power of the body to heal itself and prevent disease if given the right fuel. And I believe that a long and healthy, disease-free life is THE best gift we can give our children. Dr. Sears is quotes as saying “75% of all chronic disease is preventable.” YOU have the power to invest in your family’s wellness, what an AMAZING opportunity. 

I am available by email to answer any questions about the product, the Child Health Study, or opportunities to team up with Juice Plus in distributing to offset the cost.

For more information visit Courtney's website at .

Interested?...... go enter the giveaway! We are trying a new giveaway style.... Check out the "Giveaway" Tab on our FaceBook page!!!!

Good Luck!