Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nose picking and breastfeeding in public


I came across an image (and caption) today (thanks to one of my readers) and it hit me the wrong way. Blame it on today's cold rainy weather or the fact I REALLY had to go pee......but MAN I was up in arms. Now before I say any more... please let me give some detail. The following photo and caption were posted on a radio station's facebook page, based out of Calgary Canada. (Wanna send them some Mummie's Nummies love? Check out their FB page.)Granted... the photo is cute... all babies pick noses. Kit Kat was a brain picker, I SWEAR she would have her finger up so high in her nose she was tickling her brain. Whole finger GONE into the abyss of her nasal passages. So I get it.... cute, normal, funny..... but it stops there.

The caption read:
(There are some things you just SHOULD NOT DO IN PUBLIC. Nose picking, any-kind-of-nail-clipping, breast feeding, snot rocketing & armpit-sniffing. Anything else?)

BREASTFEEDING?! Breastfeeding and "snot rocketing" in the same sentence?! WHO in their sane mind would consider "snot rocketing" and breastfeeding in public to be one in the same? It is like me saying having raunchy sex on the Thanksgiving table while Great Grandma gnaws on the tryptophan filled turkey leg are one in the same. (Pass the mashed potatoes please.)

Seriously people! Come on! Why have we, as a society, not gotten over this whole breastfeeding in public = EWWWWWW mentality? 
I am just gonna put it out there, right here, right now. Breastfeeding in public IN NO way shape or form has ANY connection with:
*Nose picking
*"Snot Rocketing"
*Arm pit sniffing
* Urinating on a public building or space
*Wedgie picking
*Finger nail clipping
*Zit popping
*Crotch grabbing
*Spitting loogie
*Butt scratching

Now there are plenty other GROSS public behaviors, but I think you get the general idea. Me being... well... ME, I could not let the 500+ comments on this radio station's FB post continue without little 'Ole Mummie. So I decided to add my two nummie makers in there.  If you know me (or have been a reader of mine for a while) you know I am NOT against formula. I do NOT think formula is a sinister food. I am 100% for breastfeeding (duh) and 100% for non judgmental support. No matter how a Mummie (or Fate) decides on how a child will be fed, everyone deserves support and should not be made to feel guilty. So posts like this really chaps my nips! (Where is my Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter?!)

I responded with:
"It seems to me that when ANY media outlet decides to put breastfeeding into the "never do in public" or the "same as peeing in public" category they are ONLY trying to gain attention. Negative attention..... but attention either way. When will people (media included) stop making it one way or the other, when it comes to parenting styles. No matter how you look at it... breastfeeding (in MOST situations) is a choice. Why try to pin one set of parents against another? Just let mothers be mothers, as long as no one is getting hurt... why do some people FEEL the need to bring up such disgraceful topics? There is enough "blame game" going around, society does not need any help in that category. Let mothers feed THEIR how they want, how they can, and where they need to. All Mummies (regardless of how they feed their children) deserve respect, they are doing the best they can with what they are given.... respect that and do not make others feel like they are doing something wrong when they are not."

I then went a step further and posted on their FB wall:

Instead of trying to make breastfeeding mothers feel self conscious or embarrassed by breastfeeding their children (in public), perhaps a better route would be to show support for ALL feeding styles. Breastfeeding in public, or anywhere for that matter, has nothing to do with any form of public indecency. It has nothing to do with picking noses, peeing on the side of a building, armpit sniffing or any other form of "no no in public" behaviors. Blasting any mom for how they feed their child does not help anyone. You only alienate a large percentage of people and that is sad. Perhaps knowing the correct information about breastfeeding and sharing that knowledge would be better suited. Knowing what the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends can make a world of difference to MANY families. They both recommend breastfeeding for at least one year. They are also now saying to breastfeeding for TWO years and beyond. Sharing the correct information and not mean spirited comments could help so many. I hope you won't continue to trap your listeners into a hole of incorrect knowledge. ~Mummie

Mummies... feed your baby when your baby is hungry. I do not care of your nummie lover is hungry while in line at the grocery store, while boot shopping or walking down Main Street. FEED THAT NUMMIE LOVER. Do what you feel is best and forget everyone else. This Mummie has your back (or your front.... depends on how you look at it.)


UPDATE!!!!!! Many of you have commented on their FB wall and they have listened! Here is their apology...... Hey they apologized and fixed it.... plus gave his phone number! Any mummies wanna call in and do a Mummie's Nummies Shout out?! 

"Thanks to everyone who has posted and shared their thoughts with us today. We are reading and responding to all your comments. Firstly, I wanted to express my sincere apologies that any comment from AMP Radio has caused upset and offence. We are extremely grateful for everyone who chooses to listen to AMP Radio and make us part of their daily lives. We understand the sensitivities around this subject and wholeheartedly, as any level headed person would, support the right women have to breast feed their children. This facebook post was unfortunate in not explaining the full extent of the conversation that was happening on air. The on air conversation was a personal opinion expressed in particular about breast feeding that wasn’t covered up publically. Whilst this may still be seen as a strong opinion to share, it was expressed in the context of what you don’t want to see in public and was solely about people being uncovered and not about breast feeding in general. We appreciate all the mother’s who called in, having heard the full dialogue to express their agreement in regards to being covered. The on air team did comment on this post acknowledging the omitted wording, however we apologize that the overall post was not edited. The post has now been edited in light of this. The on air team did later in this morning’s show address the comments made on this post and explained that they weren’t trying to cause offence and acknowledge that breast feeding is natural and a woman’s right. I understand that for many of you this response will not make up for the upset caused and for this I am again deeply sorry. I am available to respond to all emails at and any phone calls on 403.520.1632 should you so wish. Paul Kaye, Program Director."

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