Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cloth Creations and More giveaway

Our December Bash has been LOADS of fun! We have had a TON of awesome Elves and I have one more for you! Cloth Creations and More (a work at home Mummie) is our last December Bash Elf! 

From Mama Cloths (cloth menstrual cycle pads) to cute little cloth diaper key chains... this is one Mom on a mission! Her mission is to take care of her family, help save other families some money and help keep the earth a wee bit cleaner all at the same time! PHEW now that is what I call a mission! 

Cloth Creations and More is giving away one of TWO prizes! The winner of this giveaway will get to pick from:

2 Mama Cloths

OR 1 cute mini cloth diaper key chain!

You know how we rock our giveaways.... so follow Captain Raffelcopter, loosen up your singing voices and warm up your keyboard.... 


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lunette Menstrual Cup giveaway

There are a few things that make me cringe about being a Mummie (or a woman for that matter.) Shaving is pretty high on my list. It is really NOT my favorite task and one I try to avoid for as long as possible. But there is one woman-ey experience that makes me cringe above all others! It goes by many names... Aunt Flow, Cousin  Red, the curse, red tide...... You guessed it... the MONTHLY MENSTRUAL CYCLE! Ohhhh I remember a time I would BEG for my body to reach that gate of woman hood. To be like all of my friends (I was a late bloomer.) But NOW?! I find myself literally saying profanities when I see the beginnings of Aunt Flow's visit. I will even inspect the toilet paper for ANY trace of pink, like CSI style inspect! Turn the paper this way and that way, under this light- under that light. I mean really.... our local CSI department should hire me. I am THAT good.

I know that having our monthly cycle really is not a curse... but a blessing. If not for our cycles, we could not have the miracle of children. I know it is Nature's way of "cleaning out our insides"..... but perhaps Nature could have come up with a different way that was... oh I don't know.... less painful and less messy?! (Just a thought.)

But think about it... if it wasn't for the mess (that can seem SUPER gory), the strict way you have to sleep to prevent any leakage at night and the pain (Think a giant's hand reaching up into my uterus, snatching hold of my insides and trying to YANK them out the way it went in!) Aunt Flow would not be so bad. If one could fix one of those... it would be a bit easier to deal with.....

BUT WAIT....  there IS someone doing something about one of those! Please allow me to introduce our next December Bash Elf, Lunette!

Now, I have been using a different menstrual cup for 2 years, and although I prefer it over pads (never liked Tampons) I was still having some issues with it. I would struggle to get it in just right (to prevent leaking) and at times I would give up trying to put it in. If it hurts then it is in wrong and after the tenth time of trying to insert it... I would give up and resort to pads. The cup I was using has a "one year life span" and seeing how I was at my two year mark.... I decided I should look for something else.

But I came across another company and thought I would give them a try. I am so glad I did. 
At Lunette, they say "for nicer periods" and they could not have been any more correct. Their customer service is AMAZING and they answered all of my questions without hesitation. 

The Lunette Cup comes in two sizes, model 1 and model 2.  Model 1 is smaller and for women who have lighter to moderate menstrual flow, while model 2 is bigger for normal to heavier flow. I LOVE Lunette's sizing guide. Not only is it full of great information but they also suggest you contact them if you have not sure which size you should get. Well... I was not sure which size to get! According to their sizing guide I could use both models. So I contacted my lovely United States Lunette Representative, Caron, and she helped me out. She decided to send me BOTH sizes (for the review) so I could find my perfect fit. 

Here is a unique selling plus... Lunette Cups come in different COLORS!!! Oh my gosh! COLORS! Because our insides deserve to feel pretty too!
Colored Lunette menstrual cups are FDA approved

So here are my Lunette Cups:
Please meet Cynthia (Model 1) and Selene (Model 2)
This way you can see the size difference between model 1 and model 2.


Here is what I have done (I have used Cynthia for two months now and have made some personal adjustments.)
I decided to try Cynthia first because it is smaller. The other cup I have been using was a size 2 (the bigger size) and was wondering if that has been my problem. 

I found I had to trim Cynthia's stem a few times before I no longer felt it (As seen in photo.) What I LOVE about the Lunette Cup's stem is it is SOLID silicone. For some reason I prefer that to the hollow stem of my previous menstrual cup. In comparison, Lunette's stem feels softer and is easier to clean too.

The size of Cynthia made the WORLD of difference for me! Not only is it smaller (and PURPLE!!) but the silicone is also softer... which works out so much better for my insides. I have not had any issues with folding and inserting, or even rotating it to fit. With my previous cup, I would struggle with having it "unfold" itself after I inserted it. Which caused MANY attempts to get it right. But With Lunette Cup (model 1) this has not been a problem. Keeping it clean is also a bit easier. I would struggle to get the teeny holes kept free of "debris" with my previous cup... but not so hard with Lunette Cup. The silicone seems to be soft enough to make cleaning that much more easier. 

All in all I LOVE my Cynthia. She is now a great friend of mine... and even though I still curse at the first sight of Aunt Flow... my next phrase is "Where is Cynthia!?!!!!"

(I want to be honest with you... I know where Cynthia is right now... she is helping keeping em CLEAN as I type this giveaway! HURRAY FOR LUNETTE!!!!)

Lunette is ready to bring the BASH to this December! They are giving away ONE Lunette Cup (of the winner's choice) to one of our Mummies! WOOT WOOT!!! So what do you say.... give it a try! Not only will you be happy and cleaner but your insides will be a bit more colorful too!

Sing it, like it, share it and comment! READY... SET.... RAFFELCOPTER!


Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. Lunette gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. Lunette sent me a set of Lunette Cups at no cost to me in exchange for a review.

Friday, December 21, 2012

AppleCheeks giveaway

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth....
and some AppleCheeks

I am a bag Mummie. I love me some bags... I have bags for everything. I have bags for cloths, for food, for gifts, for medicine... oh for Pete Sake, I have bags to hold bags! It really is a problem, which I should prob get looked at. But what can I say? Bags and I are like BFF's (Bag Friends Forever!) 

So you can ONLY imagine what it looks like when I pack for a vacation. My poor husband gets our small luggage suitcase while the girls and I share two big (one of them rather LARGE) suitcases. Everything gets put into bags. From plastic bags to reusable bags... I am the Bag Lady! A few weeks ago, I was in need of  new bags (crazy right!? I know!) But we were going on a vacation and I needed a bag to hold our medicine (which we pack everything for the "just in case" moment while on vacation) and to hold the girl's growing amount of hair clips. I was about to make a shopping trip when I got an email from AppleCheeks. They told me they wanted to be an Elf for our December Bash AND they were going to send me TWO reusable bags AND a set of their plush cloth wipes!
Oh you had me at reusable bags....

Cloth diaper Mummies have most likely heard of AppleCheeks.... and your nummie lover probably has AppleCheeks on their cheeks! BUT even if you are not a cloth diaper family, AppleCheeks should be on your Christmas List! 
From cloth diapers and cloth SWIM diapers to cloth bags. Cloth breast pads to plush cloth wipes.... AppleCheeks has needed items all wrapped up.

(Here is what I got in my little box!)
Oh good goodness! I about leaped with joy. A NEW SET OF BAGS! The brown "sac" is called the Size 1 Storage Sac and the red zippered bag is the All Purpose Zippered Sac. What I love about both bags is that they are lined with a protective coating, so that they keep odor and moisture in.. no matter what you are using the bags for.  NO MESS to come leaking out!

Wanna see what I used mine for? Kit Kat is nearly out of her diapers.. only in diapers for sleeping time (or a 7 hour car ride.. hello vacation!) So I do not have much use to store diapers. But I do love me some bags (but you all knew that!)

Bag 1: Emergency medicine bag:
(Okay... poor image. BUT think all allergy medicine, daily vitamins, pain medicine (adult and children..just in case) thermometer (just in case) band-aids, Neosporin, my daily medicine (Beta- Blocker), cough drops (just in case), migraine medicine (again just in case).... Yada yada yada... do you get the idea?... A ton of Just In Case medicine all cinched up in a nice well protective bag! 

Next up.. Bag 2: The hair clip bag:
Okay... so I did TRY to only pack what hair clips matched their outfits. I tried to max it to 4 hair clips per girl. So 2 matching red, 2 matching pink, 2 matching purple and 2 small matching white clips (that can not be seen due to being swallowed by the other large hair clips) all attached to a large fabric band so they don't get lost. All fit so nicely, with small hair ties, into my new red friend.
AHHHHH bags.

All in all the bags worked out AMAZINGLY well and have now been added to my working bag collection. They have made friends with 3 of my other BFF's: "Shampoo Bag, Tooth Paste Bag, and Cup Bag"... and I think they are planning a vacation on their own. I am not sure how I feel about that.

Hold on! I can NOT forget about the cloth wipes. These babies are great too! They are  8″ x 8″ in size and are made up of 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton. Let me tell you....what multipurpose friends these are! I have used them as face cloths and dust cloths (grabbed one on accident but was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked.) If I could bring myself to spare one.... I am sure they would make fabulous dish cloths too.... but I am not sure I want to lose one to the sink.... ewwww the dreaded sink.
BUT you can also use them for their original purpose.... cloth wipes. You can use water or a wipe solution for easy cleaning.... great huh?!

So snip snap snout.... these tale is told out! 

Now... now.... you made it all the way down here! What... are you expecting something fun for you? Oh WAIT.... There IS something FUN for you! Apple Cheeks is giving away the SAME thing they gave me!!!!! OHHHH LAAALAAAAA! 
One Mummie will get 1 Size 1 Storage Sac  and 1 All Purpose Zippered Sac!!! 

Go and get your Bag On Mummies!

(Giveaway open to ALL US and CANADA Mummies!!!!)
Giveaway end on December 29, 2012


Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. Apple Cheeks gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. Apple Cheeks sent me a set of storage bags at no cost to me in exchange for a review.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Squooshi review and giveway

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree, how I hate throwing stuff away!
There have been a million times I have said "I don't want to throw this away! I wish there was a way I could reuse this!"
You know those cute little apple sauce pouches? Well the couponer mom in me has gotten them for free a few times and I have LOVED them! Now... I do normally make my own apple sauce but the free part always gets my attention. The ease of the pouches is amazing. Toss it in the cooler and bring it to soccer practice, and on the go snack for those "MOMMY I AM STARVING" moments, or the "SHHHHH Mummie is on the phone.... here eat this" moment.

But I HATE throwing them away! I even looked at them a few times contemplating how to make them reusable... but the whole issue of not being able to clean them always stopped me.

WELL do not let that stop you any more! I am about to introduce you to our next December Bash Elf.... I give you Squooshi, reusable pouches for squishy food.

Oh YES, Mummies! REUSABLE! Fill it, wash it, re use it! No more throwing away!!!! AHHHHH someone has read my mind!

Squooshi (LOVE the name BTW) are amazing! The pouches are BPA-free, Phthalate-free, PVC-free, and Lead-free.
They provide more flexible and healthy nutrition options: fill with your favorite grain, veggie, legume, dairy, and fruit combos! Home made or store bought.... no matter.... fill it, top it and go! TADA! GENIUS!!!!

They are great for kids (and Mummies) of all ages too. Great for little Nummie Lovers, older Nummie Lovers, graduated Nummie Lovers, Mummies and Daddies! There really is no age limit. If you like squishy food... you are gonna love Squooshi!

As soon as I got my pouches, I cooked up some pears and apples. The worst part was waiting for them all to cool! But once they were cooled off... there was no stopping us!
I opened up the bottom of the pouch and filled it up, then sealed it (like a zip lock baggy.) 

Kit Kat was up first.
Here she is showing off her Large Walrus Squooshi (she wanted this one because of the "tooth.") Her lid is off.

Slurp the Squooshi Kit Kat!

Then it was Pooker's turn. 
Here she is showing off her Small Lion Squooshi with the lid on.

HAHA Pardon her... she can not help but smile when the camera is aimed at her. 

It is one thing for me to test a product... but the girls are a bit tougher than I am. I have to be very honest here and say that they loved their Squooshis. Not only did they work so well, no leaks or blow outs. But the girls kept smiling at their Squooshis. Their only complaint "Mommy, it is empty!"

But then it was time for my test. The cleaning test.
I washed them as soon as they were done with them.. so nothing got dried on or caked on. I simply "un zipped" the bottom and rinsed with hot water. I used a small amount of dish soap and used my hand to wash, then air dried upside down.... and tada... DONE. The "simple" factor was awesome. The fact that I could put them away (and they lay FLAT... no space takers!) and reuse them was amazing.   I love that... have I mentioned that already? 

My family is now a Squooshi family. Oh yes Mummies.. we are as squooshi as they get. You have heard of "crunchy".... well we are "squoosi!" Two thumbs up from this Mummie. Squooshi is a GREAT product... one that should be in every Mummie home!

Soooooooooooooo.... Do you want one? Oh of course you do! Squooshi is giving ONE assorted 4 pack to one lucky Mummie!

Do what you do best!!!!! 

Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. Squooshi gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. Aquooshi sent me a set of pouches at no cost to me in exchange for a review.

Sweetmagoos review and giveaway

What I LOVE about Christmas time is the giving. There is just something about the month of December that gets people in the mood for giving. Today is NO different here at Mummie's Nummies. It is THE DECEMBER BASH after all!
Today's elf is a semi local elf to me. One I have mentioned MANY times and have had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times! 
Today is the one and only SWEETAMAGOOS!

She is known for her awesome breastfeeding necklaces (I have one!!!) which are unique, stylish, Nummie Lover friendly and safe. To this day, when I wear mine, Kit Kat will immediately put it into her mouth. Same as other Nummie Lovers I have held in the past.... they see it and they know "hmmm that looks nummie" and in it goes! Even if their Mummie doesn't have a Sweetamagoos necklace.... their Nummie Lover just knows what to do with it. 


BUT her awesomeness does not stop at nursing necklaces... nope... she has MORE! From baby shirts to Amber Necklaces, and home made soap to coffee coats! Sweetamagoos Etsy shop has it all

Brandice was so kind to send me a coffee coat. Now these are one of her newest creations... and I have to say I have never had one of these before. But she mentioned that she had some cute girly patterns and I was all "send it my way!" 
(Now.... knowing me... which one do you think I picked? Go ahead... I will give you some time... **enter Jeopardy theme song.**)

Ding ding ding! If you said the cup cake one... you are correct!
Here is my coffee coat keeping my hot chocolate nice and toasty:
Cute right?!

Not only do the coffee coats add some extra cuteness... but they also protect your hands form getting burnt. If you are like me... you OVER heat your hot chocolate (or coffee... tea... and any other HOT beverage) to a scolding burn your mouth temp. Now I no longer need to worry about burning my hands.... Hey Brandice, do you make a mouth coat? 'Cause if you do... I am all over that!

What I love about the coffee coat, is the thickness is not too much or too little. It is the perfect amount without being "too bulky" and it gets the job done. I also love that I can add it to the girl's reusable travel cups, that way I can tell them apart. You know... the whole matchy matchy thing is fun... but can get confusing at times. Simply fasten the button and away you go.

Once again, Sweetmagoos has the Mummie Seal of Approval. 

Oh but wait... isn't this the December Bash? Did I mention what Sweetamagoos is bringing? 
I didn't? 
You don't say! 

Well... let's fix that shall we?

Sweetamagoos is giving away not one...... but TWO items!!!
Woot woot!

This giveaway will have TWO winners and TWO separate Raffelcopter thingys.
Giveaway one:
A 13 inch Baltic Amber teething necklace!

Giveaway 2:
A Sweetamagoos nursing necklace of YOUR choice!

Feel free to enter BOTH giveaways! How exciting!!!!!!!

You know what to do....... GO!

Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. Sweetamagoos gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. Sweetamagoos sent me a coffee coat (of my choice) at no cost to me in exchange for a review. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Leading Lady Giveaway

Santa Baby.... slip a little sexy under the tree... for me... from the one and only Leading Lady!!!!!! 

Why hello there Sexy Mummies! We all feel kinda frumpy and floppy sometimes (or all of the time.....) But the best way to fix that is to slip into something that is.. er.......well.... sexy! But let's face it.... sexy is not always comfy. And when it comes to wearing bras and breastfeeding.... comfy is the first thing we look for...... and sexy being the LAST thing we look for. Well Mummies.... look for sexy LAST no more! Leading Lady gives you comfy AND sexy all in one cute little package!

Leading Lady contacted me asking if they could be part of our December Bash. I will be honest... I had not heard of them before! WHY NOT?????? These bras are awesome! I HATED nursing bras! I even stopped using them LONG LONG LONG ago! They were big, bulky and plain irritating. With Pooker I LOVED them, as I saw them as a right of passage. A sort of breastfeeding passage, if you will. But then, with Kit Kat.... I said ENOUGH WITH NURSING BRAS!!!! 

If I had known about Leading Lady back then... I would NEVER have given them up!

Now as you know, Kit Kat is a once a week nurser.... so I do not have a LARGE need for breastfeeding bras. But I really wanted to try them out.... and I HAD to test them for my Mummies!!!!!

I had a hard time choosing which "lady" I wanted... but I did FINALLY make my choice. I picked the Cross-over Front Closure Racer Back Leisure Bra .... in pink of course.
5048 Pink
(SOOOOOOO not a photo of me. I thought I would spare you all the image of me in a bra and use the image Leading Lady has.)

I have to tell you..... although this bra is thin... it is amazingly comfy! It has the feel of a night time nursing bra but all the support of a day time bra. It is soft and dare I say "sexy." The lace adds a beautiful look but does not feel itchy or scratchy. (OMG I just said "Itchy and Scratchy".... no relation to the animated show on The Simpsons... I swear.)

The front closure (which is new for me) is simple to use and comfy. I mean really..... simple and comfy.... What else could be better? Oh wait.... SEXY makes it better. And yes it is!

Leading Lady also has a GREAT perfect fit chart..... it is AWESOME how easy it was to find my perfect fit. I just typed in my measurements and their size chart magic handled the rest. (I love me some magic.) 

BUT Leading Lady is not JUST a Breastfeeding Bra company. NOPER! They also sell full figured bras from sizes 38A-52H. Their breastfeeding bras range from sizes 34B-48F/G/H. So I am SURE EVERY Mummie will find their size.

To put my Leading Lady to the BIGGEST test.... I took "Pinky" (yes I named her.. she is a Leading Lady.. so therefor deserves a name) to Disney World on our family vacation. I decided to wear her two ways. The normal way and strapless. EEEKKKKK wearing a strap bra without using the straps? Hold onto your nummie makers Mummies... IT WORKED!
I give you exhibit number 1:
Pooker, Kit Kat, TinkerBell, Pinkie (my bra) and myself. (DANG Tink really is SMALL!)

Pooker, Kit Kat, Ariel, Pinkie (my bra) and myself.

I wore my strapless shirt ALL day without a problem!!!!!

So then I decided... if "Pinkie" behaved so well that way.... let's try with another shirt...
So that night I washed her in the hotel sink and air dried over the shower. We then decided to hang out with Mickey Mouse:
Exhibit number 2:
(I told him ALL about Leading Lady... and how Minnie deserves to own one. I think he was receptive.)

Later that night (after changing.. IT GOT COLD!) our next stop was to Pluto. Oh come on.... he has to have a Lady somewhere... he is a dog... is he not?!
Now there was a slight language barrier...but I think he understood. He had the whole drooling thing going, so I think he liked it.

Pinkie was amazing all day long on both days! She held my Nummie Makers and kept me comfy! She sure did help me ROCK at Disney World.

Now that I have explained my experience with Leading Lady. Let me explain what Leading Lady is.

Leading Lady is a premiere intimate apparel company dedicated to creating comfortably functional, remarkably affordable, stylish and easy-to-wear bras, camis and sleepwear. A family owned and operated business, Leading Lady has been expertly tailoring nursing and full figure bras for top brands and retailers across North America for more than 70 years. Leading Lady’s comprehensive line of nursing and full figure intimates – including sexy stretch lace wirefree and underwire bras, supportive and seamless sport and yoga bras, and cozy sleep and leisure bras – can be purchased directly on

Leading Lady’s limited edition holiday nursing collection includes bras, camis and chemises with a peek-a-boo red accent, holiday-inspired floral embellishments, playful polka dots, and a soft lavender lace that will melt the heart of every new mom (and dad!).   The collection provides comfort, support and style – the perfect gift to make a new mom feel flirty & feminine and ensure she is party-ready this holiday season.

Leading Lady is proud to celebrate “Leading Ladies” everywhere through its products, programs and philanthropic activities. Leading Lady is dedicated to arming new moms with the support – physically, intellectually and emotionally – they need to nurture their babies through breastfeeding and committed to supporting a variety of organizations and issues relevant to women across the country. For more info on Leading Lady... check them out on Twitter, and Google+.

Now who is up for some sexy.... ERRR I mean giveaway fun?! You know the drill Mummies.... follow the rules on the RaffleCopter thingy and HAVE FUN!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest ends Saturday December 29, 2012

Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. Leading Lady gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. Leading Lady sent me a nursing bra (of my choice) at no cost to me in exchange for a review. Now go get your sexy on Leading Ladies!

Breastfeeding Journey Book Giveaway

Another week.... another December Bash giveaway! This time.... we have something that is very close to my heart. My self published Breastfeeding Journey Book
No matter how many times you have embarked on a breastfeeding journey, you really never know what to expect. Just as with Zebra stripes... each child is different... therefore no breastfeeding journey will be like the last. 

 That is one reason why it is so exciting! There are an endless amount of breastfeeding journeys out there. Some are happy while some are sad. Others are filled with rainbows while others are plagued with tornadoes. Some are a combination of everything... all mixed into one sweet little package. 

I have come across so many breastfeeding journeys, which is why I created Mummie's Nummies Breastfeeding Journey Book . I wanted to show everyone that no two journeys are the same but EVERY journey deserves to be rocked!

Mummie's Nummies Breastfeeding Journey is a 24 page book that is filled with personal photos from Mummies and their Nummie Lovers, ranging from newborns to toddlers. Capturing their own individual journeys and rocking it the best way they know how. This 8x10 paperback book has captivating photos that shows the silly, the heart warming, the struggles and the quiet moments each Nummie Lover shares with their Mummie. Combine the original poem that captions each photo and you have an amazing book that celebrates moments that will end all too quickly.

To learn more about Breastfeeding Journey Book, read the original post on Mummie's Nummies.
You can purchase your very own copy of Breastfeeding Journey at and Creatspace.

BUT... this is The December Bash! So how about we GIVE ONE AWAY!??

Are you ready? (I even signed the winners copy!)

Rock on Mummies!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Little Tutu Creations Giveaway

I love hand made crafts. I LOVE hand made decorations! There is just something about someone making something vs a machine making the same thing. 
I also love beautiful, unique hand made decorations! 

Check this picture out...

and this one:

Do I have your attention? Well check out Ml Tutu Creations! She makes items that range from wreaths to tutus to scarfs for little nummie lovers!

Tutu Creations is hoping into our December Bash with a $30.00 credit to her Etsy Store!!!! (If you choose a wreath.... I might just cry a bit. THEY LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL!) 

Contest ends on December 29, 2012


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Like Book review and giveaway

Day 3 of our December Bash! Ho Ho Ho.. Do you know... I Like book?

Earlier this year I got a book that I am IN LOVE WITH! It is not just a book. It is a journey, a keepsake, a photo album of sorts. A chance to write down what it is that you "like" in ways that are so creative.... it is GENIUS! The I Like Book comes in three topics. There is a I Like for Kids, I Like for Women, and I Like for Couples. Each book is as unique as the person you "like" and can take on a journey un-"like" anything else. 

The book I have is I Like for Kids (in pink... shocker right?). It gives me a chance to put in words what I "like" about my girls. It gives me a moment, each day, to think of something that I like about them. Be it a certain moment that happened that day, their personality, or how they did something. It makes me stop and think about something POSITIVE that happened each day, and that in itself is HUGE. We can get caught up in the bad, the ugly and the stressful. So to have a moment each day to reflect on the GOOD, the BEAUTIFUL, and the AMAZING is a precious experience. 

Here is a peak inside my "I Like" book. This page is about Pooker:

Throughout the I Like Books are pages with sayings and photos. One of my favorite in my I Like Book is this one:

There are also spaces for your children to write down what they "like" and pages for "about them" that you can fill in. 

I Like Books are truly a unique and amazing way to express your feelings and to remember what you "like" as it can be easy to forget. This book has also started a new routine for us. Each night, before bed, I ask the girls what they liked about me that day and I tell them what I liked about them that day. Sometimes we get silly and sometimes it is serious. But it is also a GREAT way to see how my girls see me each day and it can be really fun!

Now my girls have not seen my "I like Book" yet. My plan is to complete my book and give it to them one day. To reflect with them and give them a glimpse into what was. Just gives me goose bumps!

The "I Like" Elves are ready to join our December Bash! One lucky Mummie will get their very own I Like Book if their choice!
Simply follow the entry rules and good luck! They are also offering up a great special this month! For a 25% savings use code "ilikebook" when purchasing one of the awesome I Like Books

Good Luck and Happy December!!!

Giveaway open to United States Mummies only.... 


Contest ends Saturday December 29, 2012

Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. I Like Book gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. I Like Book sent me a book at no cost to me in exchange for a guest blog post. Wanna see my guest post? Check blog post  and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wee Ones Hair Bows Giveaway

You know I am a Mummie to two GIRLS. GIRLS! One of the many perks of having girls is all the cute dressy stuff! Ribbons, lace, bows, frilly froo froo stuff! Plus all the matchy-matchy stuff I can get my hands on! 

I came across a company that has stolen my girly heart! Please welcome Wee Ones, our next December Bash Elf!!!!
Wee Ones

The Wee Ones family have been hand creating one of a kind hair bows and headbands for almost 40 years! Their creations are beyond beautiful and so darn trendy! What I LOVE about Wee Ones is that not only do THEY create their bows, but they also hand tie AND check the quality of every accessory before they are shipped out! I can not express how amazing it is knowing that someone did not just blindly put my hair bows in a box and ship it.... but they CHECKED EACH ONE and made them as well!

Now I want to tell you a wee little story. When Ann, from Wee Ones, agreed to be one of our December Elves there was NO wasted time! Within a few days I had a MAGICAL box at my door! I had no idea what to expect when I opened my Wee box and I can tell you I was AMAZED! The amount of bows they sent me, to review, was more than I could EVER imagine. Not only did Wee Ones send me bows and a head band. But they sent me some duplicates so that my girls could MATCH!!!! (Mummie happy dance!)

(What was inside of my happy box!)

(Closer view of the pink ones.)

(Christmas theme!!!)

(Big and purple!!!)

Just for kicks.... I put the bows on Pooker. Luckily she is such a great sport with stuff like this! 

(Darn she is too cute!)

Now we have used our Wee Ones MANY times since they arrived. I even used two of them as decorations for Kit Kat's 3rd birthday!
We had a Minnie Mouse theme party and I made the Minnie Mouse wreaths... complete with cute giant pink hair bows!

(From her 3rd birthday photo shoot! The bow on Kit Kat is also a Wee One!)

These bows have stood up to being yanked out (Thanks to Kit Kat), stepped on, tossed across the room, put on baby dolls (Thanks to Pooker) and used as decoration (That would be ME!)

Not once have they lost their shape, form or quality. They still look as they did when they first arrived! (I can say that for all of the hair bows I have had over the years.... hair bows are NOT created equally!) But Wee Ones are not just cute... they are well made and STAY IN! These are not the kind of hair bows that you buy and expect them to live only once. That is some MAJOR points in my book!

Now.... being the December Bash..... the cuteness does not stop with my girls!!!!! NOPE! One lucky Mummie will win two Wee Ones of her very own! Wanna see what the Wee One Elves are bringing to the bash?

One LUCKY Mummie will get one Wee One Hair bow and head band!!!!!! SQUEAL!!!!!!! Ready to start partying?! READY... SET...GO!

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Contest ends Saturday December 29, 2012

Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. Wee Ones gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. Wee Ones sent me a bunch of hair accessories at no cost to me in exchange for a review.