Friday, December 21, 2012

AppleCheeks giveaway

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth....
and some AppleCheeks

I am a bag Mummie. I love me some bags... I have bags for everything. I have bags for cloths, for food, for gifts, for medicine... oh for Pete Sake, I have bags to hold bags! It really is a problem, which I should prob get looked at. But what can I say? Bags and I are like BFF's (Bag Friends Forever!) 

So you can ONLY imagine what it looks like when I pack for a vacation. My poor husband gets our small luggage suitcase while the girls and I share two big (one of them rather LARGE) suitcases. Everything gets put into bags. From plastic bags to reusable bags... I am the Bag Lady! A few weeks ago, I was in need of  new bags (crazy right!? I know!) But we were going on a vacation and I needed a bag to hold our medicine (which we pack everything for the "just in case" moment while on vacation) and to hold the girl's growing amount of hair clips. I was about to make a shopping trip when I got an email from AppleCheeks. They told me they wanted to be an Elf for our December Bash AND they were going to send me TWO reusable bags AND a set of their plush cloth wipes!
Oh you had me at reusable bags....

Cloth diaper Mummies have most likely heard of AppleCheeks.... and your nummie lover probably has AppleCheeks on their cheeks! BUT even if you are not a cloth diaper family, AppleCheeks should be on your Christmas List! 
From cloth diapers and cloth SWIM diapers to cloth bags. Cloth breast pads to plush cloth wipes.... AppleCheeks has needed items all wrapped up.

(Here is what I got in my little box!)
Oh good goodness! I about leaped with joy. A NEW SET OF BAGS! The brown "sac" is called the Size 1 Storage Sac and the red zippered bag is the All Purpose Zippered Sac. What I love about both bags is that they are lined with a protective coating, so that they keep odor and moisture in.. no matter what you are using the bags for.  NO MESS to come leaking out!

Wanna see what I used mine for? Kit Kat is nearly out of her diapers.. only in diapers for sleeping time (or a 7 hour car ride.. hello vacation!) So I do not have much use to store diapers. But I do love me some bags (but you all knew that!)

Bag 1: Emergency medicine bag:
(Okay... poor image. BUT think all allergy medicine, daily vitamins, pain medicine (adult and children..just in case) thermometer (just in case) band-aids, Neosporin, my daily medicine (Beta- Blocker), cough drops (just in case), migraine medicine (again just in case).... Yada yada yada... do you get the idea?... A ton of Just In Case medicine all cinched up in a nice well protective bag! 

Next up.. Bag 2: The hair clip bag:
Okay... so I did TRY to only pack what hair clips matched their outfits. I tried to max it to 4 hair clips per girl. So 2 matching red, 2 matching pink, 2 matching purple and 2 small matching white clips (that can not be seen due to being swallowed by the other large hair clips) all attached to a large fabric band so they don't get lost. All fit so nicely, with small hair ties, into my new red friend.
AHHHHH bags.

All in all the bags worked out AMAZINGLY well and have now been added to my working bag collection. They have made friends with 3 of my other BFF's: "Shampoo Bag, Tooth Paste Bag, and Cup Bag"... and I think they are planning a vacation on their own. I am not sure how I feel about that.

Hold on! I can NOT forget about the cloth wipes. These babies are great too! They are  8″ x 8″ in size and are made up of 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton. Let me tell you....what multipurpose friends these are! I have used them as face cloths and dust cloths (grabbed one on accident but was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked.) If I could bring myself to spare one.... I am sure they would make fabulous dish cloths too.... but I am not sure I want to lose one to the sink.... ewwww the dreaded sink.
BUT you can also use them for their original purpose.... cloth wipes. You can use water or a wipe solution for easy cleaning.... great huh?!

So snip snap snout.... these tale is told out! 

Now... now.... you made it all the way down here! What... are you expecting something fun for you? Oh WAIT.... There IS something FUN for you! Apple Cheeks is giving away the SAME thing they gave me!!!!! OHHHH LAAALAAAAA! 
One Mummie will get 1 Size 1 Storage Sac  and 1 All Purpose Zippered Sac!!! 

Go and get your Bag On Mummies!

(Giveaway open to ALL US and CANADA Mummies!!!!)
Giveaway end on December 29, 2012


Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. Apple Cheeks gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. Apple Cheeks sent me a set of storage bags at no cost to me in exchange for a review.


  1. We love ANY cloth diapers!

  2. I would love one of their envelope diapers in the Wild Child print!

  3. Favorite item is the liners!

  4. Such a cute song. I happily sang it.

  5. Such a cute song. I happily sang it.

  6. I sang and I love their envelope covers!

  7. I sang and I love their envelope covers!

  8. I sang. Not very loudly though.

  9. I absolutely love little bamboo bundles. Any color!!!

  10. I like the new orange you glad cover!

    Debnmike moretti

  11. I sang loud and proud. I love the raspberry envelope style diaper. -Amanda Fell


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