Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Like Book review and giveaway

Day 3 of our December Bash! Ho Ho Ho.. Do you know... I Like book?

Earlier this year I got a book that I am IN LOVE WITH! It is not just a book. It is a journey, a keepsake, a photo album of sorts. A chance to write down what it is that you "like" in ways that are so creative.... it is GENIUS! The I Like Book comes in three topics. There is a I Like for Kids, I Like for Women, and I Like for Couples. Each book is as unique as the person you "like" and can take on a journey un-"like" anything else. 

The book I have is I Like for Kids (in pink... shocker right?). It gives me a chance to put in words what I "like" about my girls. It gives me a moment, each day, to think of something that I like about them. Be it a certain moment that happened that day, their personality, or how they did something. It makes me stop and think about something POSITIVE that happened each day, and that in itself is HUGE. We can get caught up in the bad, the ugly and the stressful. So to have a moment each day to reflect on the GOOD, the BEAUTIFUL, and the AMAZING is a precious experience. 

Here is a peak inside my "I Like" book. This page is about Pooker:

Throughout the I Like Books are pages with sayings and photos. One of my favorite in my I Like Book is this one:

There are also spaces for your children to write down what they "like" and pages for "about them" that you can fill in. 

I Like Books are truly a unique and amazing way to express your feelings and to remember what you "like" as it can be easy to forget. This book has also started a new routine for us. Each night, before bed, I ask the girls what they liked about me that day and I tell them what I liked about them that day. Sometimes we get silly and sometimes it is serious. But it is also a GREAT way to see how my girls see me each day and it can be really fun!

Now my girls have not seen my "I like Book" yet. My plan is to complete my book and give it to them one day. To reflect with them and give them a glimpse into what was. Just gives me goose bumps!

The "I Like" Elves are ready to join our December Bash! One lucky Mummie will get their very own I Like Book if their choice!
Simply follow the entry rules and good luck! They are also offering up a great special this month! For a 25% savings use code "ilikebook" when purchasing one of the awesome I Like Books

Good Luck and Happy December!!!

Giveaway open to United States Mummies only.... 


Contest ends Saturday December 29, 2012

Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. I Like Book gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. I Like Book sent me a book at no cost to me in exchange for a guest blog post. Wanna see my guest post? Check blog post  and let me know what you think!


  1. I think I would pick the Ilike book for couples

  2. I would pick the green I Like book for kids

  3. I like the pink for kids one!

  4. The I like book for couples...or kids lol. Not sure that's a hard decision

  5. Such a cute song. I happily sang it.

  6. I would get the i like book for kids

  7. I like the book for kids in blue

    Debnmike moretti

  8. I would choose the I Like for couples. I have too many kids to be able to do just one I Like book for all of them, and no way am I going to buy a separate book for all of them - too expensive and I'm sure I wouldn't have the time to keep them all up!


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