Monday, December 3, 2012

MoBoleez review and giveaway!

To KICK off our December Bash I would like to contemplate "to cover or not to cover." If you are incognito, you find yourself using anything you can get your hands on:

Window covers
Another person
Your hands

If you decide to not bother with something extra to hang onto, then you may not cover at all. Personally, I have done both. With Pooker I was an incognito Mummie and with Kit Kat I... well.... wasn't. Kit Kat would hold onto her little "snuggly" while she nursed and hated to be covered. With her holding her "snuggly" you could not see anything... so we were good. 

For me, I do not mind which way you choose to nurse your nummie lovers. Which ever way you are comfy with is all that matters. BUT looking cute while breastfeeding.... HECK YEAH! Let me introduce you to our first December Bash 2012 Elf! Meet MoBoleez Elf! 

MoBoleez hats are the only hats designed specially for Nummie Lover and Mummie.

The "stay on head sideways" design means that once the hat is on, it'll stay on. While the big brim gives mom a little privacy, it doesn't cover up the breastfeeding, it celebrates it in a fun sort of way!

This cheery Elf was in the holiday spirit and sent a nursing hat down my chimney! Now, Kit Kat nurses once a week (last week was twice..... she is still working on this whole "self weaning" thing)  and she is an at home eater. So we are kinda past the "looking cute while breastfeeding in public" part. But... I LOVED THE MOBOLEEZ HAT! I found myself WISHING Kit Kat was smaller so we could use it! 

(Here is the hat that I got. This one is called Tiny Bubbles.)

They come in sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months. They also have a PREMIEE hat that will fit the little ones who were born a bit too early. Premiee Nummie Lovers deserve to look cute too!

The MoBoleez hat is so soft. The top part of the hat is made out of the softest cotton, that I found myself putting it to my cheek just to feel it. It is also light weight, so no worries about being too hot and getting all sorts of  "sweaty head!" The brim is firm, but not hard, and will keep it's shape when you are using it. BUT you can also "roll" it up when not in use (better for the baby bag! Saves some space!)

Now, remember... Kit Kat is 36 months old. Her head size is bigger than their biggest size......BUT I HAD to try it out!!!! The MoBoleez may not have fit her head... but we did have some fun with it!

(As you can see Pooker HAD to be in the picture. She said "I want to be with the new nummie hat, too!" Yes.. Kit Kat is signing "I love you.")

Now, even though the hat was too small for Kit Kat, it did do a GREAT job at camouflaging. If we ever have another Nummie Lover, I will FOR SURE be using a MoBoleez Nursing Hat!

Now, because I was IN LOVE with this hat and Kit Kat is too big to use it, I wanted someone to enjoy this hat. So instead of keeping it in the chance we MIGHT one day have another Nummie Lover.... I decided to give it to someone who could use it NOW. At our last Breastfeeding Circle (for my local Mummies) I gave it as a door prize! A sweet little Nummie Lover and his Mummie are now the happy owners of this MoBoleez Hat!

BUT.... this is The December Bash! So how about we give ONE MORE AWAY!!!!????????

MoBoleez Elves are giving one hat (of the winning Mummie's choice) to one of you!!!! This giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada!

So have at it Mummies! Let the December Bash Party begin!!!!! Simply follow the entry rules and good luck! 

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Contest ends Saturday December 31, 2012
Mummie only puts her seal of approval on special items. MoBoleez Hats gets a Mummie Approved stamp! The words and opinions above are mine and mine alone. MoBoleez sent me a hat at no cost to me. 


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