Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Breast Pumps Covered by Insurance Policy

There has been a little hidden secret among insurance companies. A little secret that you would only know IF you asked about it. Something that was NOT widely mentioned to the public at all. The secret...... a breast pump could be considered a "medical device" by the insurance company, and therefore covered 80%-100% depending on your insurance. The only stipulation? You have to get a "doctor's note" (A letter from your OBGYN) and you HAVE to purchase the breast pump at certain "approved" medical supply companies OR at the hospital where you gave birth.

I took advantage of this little un-known secret, in 2008, when Pooker was born. While we spent a 4 night stay at Children's Health Care of Atlanta, a friend of mine filled me in on the Insurance secret. Sure enough, I called and the nice insurance guy confirmed it.

My next step was to get that note from my OBGYN. Easy as pie! I just called my doctor's office and informed them of what I needed. When Pooker was released from the Children's Hospital, we went to pick it up and headed back to the hospital where I gave birth. The only down side to that was I had to be "re admitted" into the hospital in order to go into Lactation Services! (That was a pain in the nummie makers!)

Once we got all that taken care of, with my doctor's note in hand, I was able to pick ANY breast pump I wanted.... a $450.00 dollar Medela Pump In Style was all mine... at no cost to me.

When we gave birth to Kit Kat we HAD planned on doing the same thing.... we got discharged from the hospital, got my letter form my OBGYN and headed back.... but it seemed there was an INFLUX of people needing to be admitted and the wait was over an hour long. (An hour long wait with a 19 month old and a 3 day old baby..... not FUN.) So we ended up leaving and not getting a pump. (Turned out I didn't need a breast pump with Kit Kat... she HATED expressed breastmilk. Only fresh Nummies for her!)

WELL..... Today I was cleaning out my wallet and what did I find? THREE YEARS LATER.... I found my letter from my OBGYN! I thought it would be great to show you all what your letter MIGHT look like. Keep in mind all doctors have different forms.. but this will give you a great idea on what you might get. (I did modify some information on it.... the whole internet/security/privacy/safety thing and all....)

(Here is the letter.)

(Here is a close up of the reasons for a breast pump. With Pooker we had the first reason. With her health issues... that qualified for "other complication.")

Now, keep in mind this letter was from 2009. Recently (in the United States) a new Health Care Reform has passed, which allows ALL women to get free breast pumps AND lactation support. The Women's Preventive Services states:

Type of Preventive ServiceHHS Guideline for Health Insurance CoverageFrequency
Breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling.Comprehensive lactation support and counseling, by a trained provider during pregnancy and/or in the postpartum period, and costs for renting breastfeeding equipment.In conjunction with each birth.

Now from what I have read (and understand) this new preventive care covers a rental breast pump and/or the purchase of a personal electric breast pump. It will also cover the cost of lactation consultant visits! SCORE!

If you have any questions regarding this, I would highly recommend calling your insurance carrier, health department or doctor. A breast pump can be a life saver.... I know it was for us when we had Pooker!

Rock your journey!!!!



  1. Yet, instead of admitting that bringing baby to breast exclusively is not for every mother, and helping those discover the many other options, we impatiently thrust a can of formula in the confused mother's arms.

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