Monday, January 21, 2013

Helping Hands Milk Bank

There is something about a newborn. After 9 long months (hopefully) of waiting, the chance to hold your little human is a moment no Mummie will ever forget. The first time you see them, hold them, smell them, count their little fingers and toes, run your hand over their feather-like hair. It hits you all at once: The miracle of it all, the sudden and overwhelming feeling of protection. The absolute and undeniable love.

Some Mummies and Daddies do not get to experience that, right away. Sadly, not all babies are born into this world healthy and ready to be loved on. Some babies do not make it to 9 months gestation. Others who do, are still sick. For these sweet little ones, their first home is not in the arms of their parents... but in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.)  For these babies, their stomachs can be so very sensitive and not fully developed. For these babies (in most cases) the best nutrition for them is breastmilk. But, not all of these babies are able to get breastmilk. For what ever reason, what could be the most beneficial food option, is not always available.

I want to introduce you to Helping Hands Milk Bank. This milk bank (operated by Prolacta Bioscience) is a unique integration of two very compelling goals: to collect excess breast milk from qualified donors for premature infants, and simultaneously give back to the community in a significant and meaningful way by financially supporting selected charities based on the amount of donated milk received.

Prolacta is a for-profit company, but they never charge a parent for breast milk. Prolacta's unique fortifier products, available only in the NICU, are treated in the same manner as most products used to provide patient care in the hospital. In most cases medical insurance covers the cost of the products. In other cases hospitals absorb the cost. Prolacta's goal is to support research that can make a difference in the lives of infants through innovative products.

Helping Hands is a virtual milk bank that collects excess breast milk from mothers who have it to spare. All of the milk donated to Helping Hands is processed into a human milk based fortifier for tiny premature babies in NICUs across the country. The fortifier helps reduce the likelihood that these babies will develop dangerous diseases like NEC.

The process is simple. Helping Hands allows busy mothers to register online in about 15 minutes. Helping Hands supplies storage containers and covers all shipping costs & supplies, so there is no cost to the donor. Anyone from across the US can contribute without leaving home. Visit the Helping Hands Milk Bank Web site if you're interested in learning more about breast milk donation

In order to help spread the word Helping Hands Milk Bank is offering a special giveaway to Mummie's Nummies readers. 
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  1. I haven't used a 'milk bank' before, but I was able to help out some local mummies who were in need. I donated over 125 ounces to two special mummies who needed the help for their LOs. I also plan to continue to help my local mummies as often as I can now that Peanut is starting to wean and only nursing 2-3 times a day. I'm pumping in between to keep my supply up so I can save for them.

    1. On behalf of mommies who recieve donor milk through person to person milk sharing, I want to say thank you! Donating milk, whether it is to local mommies or a milk bank, saves lives! My son only survives because of local donor mommies! <3 thank you, to ALL donor mommies!

  2. I love Mummies Nummies!

    Debnmike moretti


    And this is a really cool company! I'm excited to hear about what they are doing :)


  5. Christina HorstmanJanuary 21, 2013 at 5:28 PM


  6. I LOVE MUMMIE'S NUMMIES!!!! I am interested in donating milk but unfortunately I haven't been able to quit smoking! :(

  7. <3 keep donating, mommas! To the banks or local mommies and babies in need!

  8. I will deff be bookmarking this company to donate to for the next baby I have! Thank you for the wonderful information!

    Marnie Amongol

  9. I do direct donation. <3 that I can.


  11. I was able to donate almost 1,000 ounces in the past year. It feels so good to have known that I was able to help moms who's little ones need breast milk.


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