Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter

It isn't just for NIPS! Oh no no no no. I even have proof. Welcome to the wonderful world of Nipple Butter Uses!

In the winter the weather is so dry that being SHOCKED turns in to daily torture (Sorry Pooker and Kit Kat!) Combine that with my self labeled SEMI-germaphobic ways (hello hand washing skills and germy juice...aka hand sanitizer) and my hands kinda remind me of elephant skin. 

(Awwwww!! Look at that cute Nummie Lovin' elephant! He looks WAY cuter here than on my hands!)

Oh sure.... try lotion you say. DUDE when your skin is so cracked, so dry it is screaming for water like a lost man in the dessert, to the point of bleeding ... lotion BURNS.  The only thing that helps is a HEAPING amount of Vaseline.. but ewwwww. Vaseline feels icky. That is my LAST resort.
(I will be honest and admit I do not stay on top of a daily lotion regiment. So yeah, it could be semi self inflicted.... But shush.)

Sometimes it gets so bad that even the tips of my fingers get dried out and EVERYTHING feels rough and scratchy. But there is something that makes me shake in my Mummie boots. When the weather begins to get cold and that first spark of electric shock can be seen... I can feel my heart begin to race and I want to hibernate like a Mummie Bear. The one thing above all else that brings the fear of pain.... crazy pain... shooting pain... "OH MY GOSH THAT HURTS" pain. 

The worst ever.. thumb crack!
(Just the wording makes me wanna scream out.)
Here... let me show you what I mean:
(Looks harmless right? WRONG! Inside that wee little crack are a pack of sword wielding, mini ninja warriors attempting to ninja chop the side of my thumb off. Not kidding. They also have been MUCH deeper... Like the black hole deep.) 

I have tried EVERYTHING to keep it healed and eliminate those darn ninjas. For the past 4 years I have used New Skin Liquid Bandage. EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK. It is like pouring bleach in an open wound. I finally said "I AM DONE WITH THAT STUFF." Not only does it burn, but the smell.... knock you down stinky.

So ONE day (this winter) I decided to try something else. Instead of reaching for the liquid fire, I picked up my Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter. Why? I thought "well if it works for cracked nipples... why not for my cracked thumb?" Made perfect sense to me at the time. 

So I decided to document it all. 
(Thumb crack Ninjas... meet Nipple Butter.)

(I used an extra large amount.... ever read "picture enlarged to show detail?".... Yeah it is kinda like that. The rest I used on my chapped lips! Oh yeah you can SOOOOO do that too!)

(Happy Nummie Lover on the cover.... happy thumb!)

When I applied my EMAB Nipple Butter, my thumb did not burn. There was no chemical smell that tried to knock me out. There was a pleasant cocoa butter scent and no pain.... no nothing. I waited for something to happen and I was so happy when I realized it was not going to hurt. 

I keep my EMAB Nipple Butter on the counter so when I walk by I can just open it up and slide my thumb inside. I have to do this many times a day... but it DOES WORK... it DOES help. I am happy to say that even though my crack still comes back every few weeks, the Crack Ninjas are gone! (Take that you nasty Ninjas! You got beat by Nipple Butter! HA!)

I can also tell you that Nipple Butter works on dried cracked, elephant skin. It will take some time to absorb into your skin... but there is no burning! Plus it does not require much at all. SCORE.

So when you find yourself no longer needing Nipple Butter for.... well... your nipples... FEAR NOT! There are many ways to use up the remaining butter! Nipple Butter is wonderful for:

Dry skin/dry patches
Chapped lips
Small cuts

Great things come in small packages!!!!!

(Also try my other BFF Coconut Oil...not just for cooking! MMMMMM.)

(Earth Mama Angel Baby did not ask me to do this "review." I decided to do it on my own.. and they do not even know I was doing it. I just love me some EMAB and I wanted to share with you why! The words and photos above are mine... like it or not.)


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teen Mom Jaielyn Belong returns to school

Last week I introduced you to Jaielyn Belong, a young mom who was denied a place to pump at her High School. I have seen many comments, about her situation, and some have down right upset me. If you choose to be negative here, please read this statement.

Bottom line... Was it a bad idea to have sex at 14? Yes. Is it sad that she got pregnant? Yes. Do we need to rip her and insult her because she is a 15 year old mom? No. Should we belittle her and insult her own mother? No. It happened, she knows it was an error on her part. There is nothing that can be done about it now. Stop being nasty judgmental weiners (yes PUN), get off of your high horses and move on. Thank you. ~Mummie

Reading a story is great, but sometimes the story leaves you wanting more. This story did that to me. I found myself wanting to know more about this new mom and her journey.  I was lucky enough to get a chance to interview Jaielyn and I wanted to share that interview with you.

Mummie's Nummies: Tell us a little about yourself and your son.

Jaielyn: I became pregnant with my son, Adrian, when I made the foolish mistake of not waiting at the age of 14. But gave birth to him at the age of 15. I love my son so much, it's amazing how much love your baby can pull from you.

Mummie's Nummies: When did you decide you wanted to breastfeed?

Jaielyn: I decided I wanted to breastfeed right away. It's the most natural and healthy thing I knew I could do. There was a story I heard that some insect parts made their way into some formula a while back and the babies were throwing up. I just couldn't allow something like that to happen to my boy, if it ever happened again. Hearing that was my deal breaker.

Mummie's Nummies: What kind of support circle do you have around you?

Jaielyn: The support circle I had before all this happened was my mother and the D.A.P.I. Now i have all these breastfeeding support groups wanting to help me out. Some have even sent me stuff for when the school provides me a breastfeeding room. 

Mummie's Nummies: Please tell us what happened. How did this story begin?

Jaielyn: It all started when I went up to the D.A.P.I (Delaware Adolescent Program)to finish my midterms and get transferred back to my school. We were getting me transferred back and they asked if I had any questions. I asked if I would be able to pump my milk at the Lake Forest High School during the day and they said they would have to get back to us on that. Later that day we received a call from the school nurse.

Mummie's Nummies: Can you tell us what the school nurse said? (The school nurse spoke to Jaielyn's mom.. so this part of the interview comes from Jaielyn's Mom, Betty.)

Betty: She said she understands my daughter would like to pump milk during the school day, but that they will not be able to make accommodations for her. I said " why can't she pump in the bathroom?" She said " electric breast pumps are loud and would create unwanted attention from her peers." I said "what about your bathroom, or the wellness center bathroom?" She said " our rooms are too small and the bathrooms are for sick kids who need to throw up. Where do you suggest they throw up, on my floor, or in the sink?" I said " She has a manual pump that she can use, so she shouldn't attract any attention." She then replied " how do we know when she leaves to pump milk, she will be doing as she says? She may need to be supervised and it is time consuming, how will she get enough information from the teachers about assignments given?" I said " correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems as if there are many issues you all have with Jaielyn pumping milk at school. There's no room, then it will attract unwanted attention from her peers, it's time consuming, you don't know if she can be trusted to do what she's supposed to do, and then you can't store the milk." She then said " fine she can pump in the girls bathroom, but she'll need someone to pick the milk up, or bring something to store it in." I said "that's fine." She said "well I'll have to check with the school administrators and the superintendent and give you a call back on Monday." That was the end of that conversation.

Mummie's Nummies: Please tell me Jaielyn will NOT be pumping in the girl's restroom. For future references, breastfeeding or pumping in ANY bathroom is not a proper place to do either. We highly recommend finding another location to feed or pump. 

Jaielyn: I will not be pumping in a bathroom. They will allow me to pump in the nurses room until a room can be provided for me and I believe someone is trying to provide me with a small dorm size storage fridge.

Mummie's Nummies: What kind of feedback have you come across, since your story has come out?
So many people came forward, wanting to help with blogs and Facebook pages, support groups, and anything that they thought would help me be able to pump in school. They flooded phone lines and emails. It was just amazing! We had so many people standing up for the right to breastfeed/ pump milk, we actually thought we had a fighting chance!

(Sweet little Adrian)

Jaielyn returns to school TOMORROW with a temporary location to pump in and a team of supporters behind her. Not only do you have a "fighting chance"Jaielyn, you have made a HUGE impact on many lives. You have spread the word about the right to breastfeed, the right to pump and the right to do what is RIGHT. 

Mummie's Nummies: Thank you both, Jaielyn and Betty, for taking the time to answer my questions. 
Good luck at your first day back and know you are not alone! Rock Your Journey Jaielyn! Rock it with everything You have!

Jaielyn: Thanks for getting the story and awareness out.

I will update as soon as I can... keep this Mummie in your thoughts!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Nuroo review and giveaway

Okay, I am super excited about this giveaway. Sometimes you come across a product and you think "Oh my gosh! That is so awesome!!!!" and if the product is full of "awesomeness" you might say "Where was THIS when I had a little nummie lover??!!"

Well, I have a product that will make you say both (unless of course you have a little Nummie Lover or soon will be holding your own.... If that is the case, then be prepared to be EXCITED!!!!

Please allow me to introduce the Nuroo! What is a Nuroo Pocket? Well, simply put the Nuroo Pocket is the love child of a nursing shirt and a baby carrier (that is if the two could even have a love child... just work with me on this one.)
(Do I have your attention? OH GOODY!!!!)

The Nuroo Pocket is a one of a kind babywearing shirt that allows moms to practice Skin to Skin contact, while having the awesome flexibility of wearing their baby. It is like combining two of the most amazing Mummie techniques into one fashionable shirt!

Skin to skin (aka Kangaroo Care) has been proven to be highly effective and beneficial in many ways. Skin-to-Skin can 
help accelerate baby’s brain development, reduce crying, enhance their immunity, improve their quality of sleep, increase the likelihood of breastfeeding just to name a few (because I could go on and on!) But Mummie gets to benefit as well. Skin to skin can speed up recovery time, increases milk production and reduces the risk for postpartum depression. Not to mention the cool little fact that your hearts synchronize when you hold your baby.

Here is a little breakdown on The NüRoo Pocket. 
It has a no-slip pocket & support belt to keep baby in the correct position to offer optimal skin-to-skin contact.
 Super-soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric offers a comforting compression-fit that hugs baby to your skin
 Multi-functional – serves as maternity wear, a skin to skin carrier & a nursing top
 Adjustable “cross & hug” closures provide the perfect fit 
The pocket has a little foot hole so you can continue to use the Nuroo if any medical procedures (requiring the foot) need to be done on the baby. (This is common with premature babies.)
Easy to wear – forget wraps, straps and ties
Easy care – machine washable & dryer-safe
For pre-term & full-term babies up to 15 lbs.
Available in 3 sizes (XS/S, M/L, XL), fitting pre-pregnancy sizes 0-16.

Here is the FUN part! Nuroo sent me a Nuroo Pocket of my very own to review! When I read up on their product, it was a no brainer! "Ummmm yeah!!!!! I want one of those!" I accepted their challenge to review this NEW product even before I thought about it.... errrrrrrr I do not have a little nummie lover any more! I then realized I needed to find me a nummie lover! So I went on a mission to find and locate a local Nummie Lover for this review. 

Now luckily, I knew of a new Mummie who just gave birth to her first daughter a few weeks prior. (Mr Mummie actually knew her and reminded me!) I had to track down (aka stalk) this new Mummie via Facebook and try to NOT sound crazy. Luckily for me, she is either as crazy as I am or incredibly understanding. She agreed to do this review with me AND even come over for dinner one night to do it! (Keep in mind this was our FIRST face to face meeting! HAHA!)

First.. here is the Nuroo I received.
(FULLY opened. The side with the wording is the pocket in which the Nummie Lover sits in.)

(Shirt is closed using the velcro closures.)

(Here is the belt that helps keep the Nummie Lover supported.)

Now meet Megan and Baby Zoey... our Nuroo models! 
Megan used  her Nuroo for 2 hours. During that time she answered some questions and gave me some feed back. 

1. Getting Zoey ready.                     
2. In the pocket you go!               
3. All set and happy.... Hi Kit Kat!

1 Nuroo + 1 Mummie = a whole lot of "awwwwws."

Now, since I "rented" a Nummie Lover to do this review, I thought it would be awesome to have Megan give me HER feed back and then I could review it as well. Megan is NEW to baby wearing! Yupp she was a newbie! So here is what Megan's thought of the Nuroo: 

Simple in concept, but would take some time getting use to using it on her own. 
The sleeves are tight but comfortable, not restricting at all. 
(This was a big thing to Megan. She HATES sleeves but honestly said these were not annoying! YEAH!)
She loved the fact she could talk with BOTH hands while holding Zoey, although that would take some getting use to :-)
Thought the Nuroo would be a much better option than carrying the infant car seat around (and much lighter.) 
She imagined using it at the doctor's office, as a way to protect germs and curious hands from getting to this sweet little girl.
Megan said the fabric was nice and soft, similar to work out clothes and although they were long sleeves she said she did not get hot or uncomfortable.
After wearing it for two hours, Megan gave the Nuroo Pocket two thumbs up. What REALLY made her mind up was how soundly Baby Zoey was sleeping... This little 5 week old NEVER lays still, but once she was in the Nuroo Pocket the lights went out in Georgia... and they stayed out! Megan and Zoey liked the Nuroo so much that I gave it to them. Much better to see someone USING it than me keeping in my closet as I dreamed of using it!

But what does Mummie say? 
I have to say that I was really impressed. The feel of it was nice and soft BUT sturdy. The belt is a GREAT addition to the security of the baby (not to mention an nice fashionable plus.)
I liked the foot hole on the inside pocket (really it is all about the small add ons that help!)
The velcro is very heavy duty. I was concerned about the velcro not being able to hold the weight of a baby... but the velcro really REALLY holds together. My only concern was the velcro might be a bit bulky, BUT not enough to turn me off by any means.
The ability to breastfeed in this top is awesome. The concept is very similar to a baby sling and any top you can (comfortably) breastfeed in has my vote!
I would LOVE to see a short sleeve shirt or even a tank top version of The Nuroo Pocket. I am like Megan... I am not a fan of sleeves. Plus this would be a great shirt to use during the warmer months. 

My over all feel for The Nuroo is I WANT A NUMMIE LOVER SO I CAN USE THE NUROO!! I LOVE this top. The concept is simple but amazing. This has to be my FAV baby item so far.

Mummie gives The Nuroo Pocket Two Nummie Makers up!

Megan and Zoey were not the only winners here... Nuroo is offering one of Mummie's Nummies readers their very own Nuroo!!!
(I can not control this post! It is going to explode I am so excited!)

You know how we rock our review and giveaways... enter away, warm up your dancing feet and cross your fingers!