Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Boobie Beanie GIVEAWAY

Baby hats are cute. There is just something about a wee little Nummie Lover in a hat that makes me want to squeal with cuteness delight. There is something EXTRA special about a hand made hat. It gives off a made with love vibe that is easy to see. I am SOOOOO excited to announce that one of our very own Mummies carries a craft Mummie gene and creates amazingly cute, hand made,  made to order wee little hats!
(Puppy dog hat with matching diaper cover)

Nicole, creator of Cutie Kiddie, is a work at home Mummie to 3 little girls. She is a self taught crafty Mummie with 3 years (and counting) of breastfeeding experience. (Today is her youngest Nummie Lover's FIRST birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ONE AND HAPPY ONE YEAR BREASTFEEDING JOURNEY TO NICOLE!)

Her creations are of the SUPER CUTE variety BUT it does not stop there! Nicole is a breastfeeding Mummie who also strives to normalize breastfeeding (woot woot, right?!) Not only does Nicole hand make (to order) animal hats, matching diaper covers and tutu skirts, BUT she also created these awesome little numbers....

That's right! I give you a Boobie Beanie!

Now, I have had my eyes on these hats for sometime now but have not had the opportunity to give one away (nor have I had the awesome chance to own one...) BUT as the saying goes "Patience is a virtue" and I am so excited to say the giveaway I have been dreaming about is here!
(Top view..... OH COME ON!!! THESE ROCK!)

No more hiding in the corner, no more trying to cover up what you are doing. The day of "I wonder if that baby is breastfed" are over! With this wee little Boobie Beanie there will not be any doubt! 

Nicole has (awesomely) agreed to giveaway a custom made Boobie Beanie for one of our Mummies! You may now jump up and down with boobie beanie excitement! I know I am!

*** For every Mummie friend you get to enter this giveaway (or daddy friend) you get an extra entry! Just have your friend follow the entry requirements and have them leave your first name and last initial in a comment (on this post!)! ***

Who is ready?!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Facebook vs Mummie

Hey! Have you heard?! I was Facebook blocked for 24 hours! Yupp! This Mummie right here! It seems as though Facebook was not too happy with me POINTING out their outright DISLIKE for breastfeeding photos. In case you did not hear what happened, heard what happened but do not know the whole story...... this post is for you! (This post is also for The Facebook Gods....what you have done is hypocritical! And we will not stand by and watch it happen!)

I came across a photo (or a Meme.. as it were...) that shows just how redonkulous the "rule carry-outers" at Facebook are. The Meme came from Jodine's World and flat out SHOWS what Facebook "believes" to be appropriate and inappropriate. One photo was decided to pass their "regulations" while the other was removed and the original poster was banned for a time, as punishment. (FYI Jodine has been banned for a whooping 30 days due to this!)

I was OUTRAGED when I saw what was allowed to stay on Facebook and what was removed. It was not only disgusting but completely REDONKULOUS! (That is our word of the week here at the Mummie household... can you tell?) 

Are you curious as to what this Meme is? (I have "censored" the top image, the one that was considered "appropriate" to Facebook and their "terms." I did this for THIS post only..... I did NOT do this when I shared the same photo on Facebook-- which is why I was punished by a Facebook grounding. You may ask why I choose to censor it now.... well because this is MY blog and I consider Mummie's Nummies a family friendly blog. Besides... the mustaches are SOOOOO in right now.)

This is what I woke up to yesterday morning. A nice little "warning" from Facebook. This was followed with a "you have been banned for 24 hours......" punishment. 

Okay so let me get this right.... The top image was a "winner" of a Homer Simpson look a like contest (of some sort.) It shows the FULL frontal of a naked woman. THIS was flagged as inappropriate (by a fellow Facebooker) BUT she was later notified (by Facebook) that the Homer picture was not against Facebook regulations. HOWEVER the bottom photo depicting a 19th century image of a Japanese woman breastfeeding was deemed inappropriate, removed from the original post and the original poster was BANNED from Facebook. WHAAAAATTTT?! How does any of THAT make sense?

So of course I took to the internet waves and shared it on Mummie's Nummies! Then, in less than 24 hours, I got banned too. (Which means someone reported MY post.... and Facebook decided I was in the wrong. Hmmmmm.) Yupp! I got punished! 

While I have been banned (as I write this post I still have 6 hours to go!) I was able to log into my Facebook accounts (my personal and group pages.) I was able to read ALL posts, ALL comments and ALL tags (Thanks Mummies! The love you have shown me is full of awesome-sauce!) BUT I was not able to "like" or comment on anything. The best way I can describe this punishment is that of a ghost. I am there... but no one can see me! I could not even haunt anyone! Sheesh! Some ghost I am!

But I did put my punishment to good use! I did some research, reached out to my breastfeeding friends (I have some friends in high places) and contacted my Mummie friends! Oh no, this Mummie was not going to take her banishment quietly! I remembered just LAST week I saw a fellow Mummie share a Facebook rule regarding breastfeeding photos. It seemed Facebook was getting with the program and letting us know that breastfeeding photos were considered "safe" in their regulations..... I was able to find it! So behold, Mummies. I even highlighted the breastfeeding section:

(We aspire to respect people’s right to share content of personal importance, whether those are photos of a sculpture like Michelangelo's David or family photos of a child breastfeeding.)

I think you need to "aspire" a bit harder, there Facebook! Why on earth is a female full nude frontal NOT against these rules BUT a breastfeeding photo is? That goes against what that whole paragraph explains! 

Breastfeeding is beautiful, naturalistic, powerful, simplistic and everything that PORNOGRAPHY and NUDITY is NOT! Get with the times, hear what we are saying, learn from your mistakes! Be the company that we know you can be. Support what is right and not what one person behind the computer screen who is wearing the Facebook Police name tag thinks is okay. 

We will not be quiet. We will not be shunned. We will stand together and support what is right... we will MAKE you enforce what rules YOU have created! Remove a pornographic/nude picture, not a breastfeeding picture. What you have done is succeed in letting people know how hypocritical you are. You went AGAINST your OWN rules and community standards. This needs to be addressed and corrected. 

(Awww look! Facebook even gave me a countdown to my freedom! Isn't that nice?)

Because we are not done. Share this Mummies. Share this everywhere you can. Show everyone how redonkulous Facebook and their "rule police" are. I am not the first breastfeeding advocate to be blocked from Facebook and (sadly) I am sure I wont be the last. But the reasons as to why I was banned are beyond maddening and WRONG. Bottom line! Facebook was wrong and I was just pointing it out to everyone who could see it. I shared a photo which they deemed "appropriate" and a photo that follows their own breastfeeding related approved policies/community standards. And I got banned. Does that even make sense?

Who is with me?


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Breastfeeding at Disney World

The most magical place on Earth. A place where fairy tales, princesses, story book characters and everything in between comes to life. A place where people from all over the globe can be found at any given time. Disney World... most children's fantasy... A place where parent can experience magic through the eyes of their children.

(All dressed like Minnie!)

We went to this magical place last week. No, this was not our first time... and yes we have plans on going back (already!) BUT this time I decided I was going to REALLY look into how breastfeeding friendly Disney World is. The first time I thought about breastfeeding and Disney World  was a few years ago. Kit Kat was 11 months old (and breastfeeding) and Pooker was 2 years old. So I clearly had breastfeeding friendly places on my mind. I did find a few great places... but I also only saw one fellow breastfeeder while we were there.

THIS time I decided I was going to make an effort to seek out great breastfeeding locations and hopefully spot some NIP'ers in the process. Now although I did not need to find a spot to breastfeed, since Kit Kat weaned in January (my big three year old!!!) I still have an urge to seek out breastfeeding friendly areas. Just kinda something I do. Before we left for our vacation, I googled "breastfeeding and Disney World" to see what other mummies had to say. I was saddened (to say the least) at what I read. All of the content I found said "how breastfeeding friendly Disney is...." but the bloggers recommended "covering up" so you "do not offend people form other countries"  or to only use the Baby Care Centers. (Now these bloggers were not Disney cast members or affiliated with Disney World.) Personally, I am not going to tell someone to cover just to help someone (even if they are from another country) feel more comfortable. If the Mummie wants to cover, all power to them.... but please only cover FOR YOUR comfort.. not others.

I wanted to make a post about how breastfeeding friendly Disney World REALLY is and how you do not have to cover, if you do not want to.

I am happy to announce I saw 5 breastfeeding Mummies this trip! I saw 3 sitting down and 2 walking! I was so excited... I would count them out loud... one point Mr Mummie ducked when I said "FOUR!"..... he must have thought a gold ball was coming at him! (We were at Epcot after all.... The Big Golf Ball.....HAHA) I also saw my fair share of baby wearing DADDIES!!! LOVED that!!!!!

So if you are planning a fun filled Disney World vacation.... here are some Mummie Approved places to breastfeed. Our FAVORITE park is The Magic Kingdom. So most of my FAV location are in that park.

Cinderella's Castle has some great benches and if you are there at a certain time of the day you are in the shade! Breastfeeding at Cinderella's Castle?! YES PLEASE!

Or you can sit at Cinderella's Fountain. If you breastfeed there, be sure to make a wish!

Pecos Bill's at The Magic Kingdom (inside of Frontier Land) is a great indoor location. The back of the eating area is dark, air conditioned and on "down" times very quiet. It is also a great place for little ones to nap in a stroller. The seats are little stools that are the perfect height for little legs that need to be propped up while sleeping. I have used this location MANY times.... It is my go to location.
(Kit Kat napping.. notice her feet are propped up on the seat. We were in the back of the building and it was nice and quiet!)

Right in front of the carousel (going toward the new Fantasy Land area) are some amazing stone archways. Around the archways are benches, which make a great resting place or breastfeeding spot. Again, these are in the shade at certain parts of the day and make a GREAT people watching spot!
(Sleeping Princesses!)

On the backside of Pinocchio's House restaurant are some tables and chairs... another GREAT location! It is off to the side and shaded... plus the bathrooms are close by... so if you have another little one who has to potty you have them covered! 

Of course you can visit the baby care centers. Which are great for a very quiet place. These centers have multiple rooms for multiple needs. They do supply the centers with baby care items, some have tv's, first aid, bathrooms and ALL have nursing rooms equipped with rocking chairs and changing tables. I used the Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center when I was breastfeeding Kit Kat. I wanted to try it out and see what I thought. I enjoyed it.... for a baby who is distracted easily it works very well!

The Baby Care Center locations are:

Magic Kingdom:
Located near the First Aid Station between Casey’s and The Crystal Palace.

 Located in the Odyssey Center between Test Track and the Showcase Plaza. (Look behind the Mexico ride.)

Disney's Hollywood Studios:
Located inside of Guest Relations near the main entrance to the park.

Animal Kingdom:
Located to the left of the Tree of Life in the building right before you cross the bridge into Africa.

So there you have it! Disney World is VERY breastfeeding friendly, whether you choose to use a designated nursing room or breastfeed in the open.... it is all good! Just remember Mickey Mouse was breastfed! And as Walt Disney has said "It was all started by a mouse."