Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Boobie Beanie GIVEAWAY

Baby hats are cute. There is just something about a wee little Nummie Lover in a hat that makes me want to squeal with cuteness delight. There is something EXTRA special about a hand made hat. It gives off a made with love vibe that is easy to see. I am SOOOOO excited to announce that one of our very own Mummies carries a craft Mummie gene and creates amazingly cute, hand made,  made to order wee little hats!
(Puppy dog hat with matching diaper cover)

Nicole, creator of Cutie Kiddie, is a work at home Mummie to 3 little girls. She is a self taught crafty Mummie with 3 years (and counting) of breastfeeding experience. (Today is her youngest Nummie Lover's FIRST birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ONE AND HAPPY ONE YEAR BREASTFEEDING JOURNEY TO NICOLE!)

Her creations are of the SUPER CUTE variety BUT it does not stop there! Nicole is a breastfeeding Mummie who also strives to normalize breastfeeding (woot woot, right?!) Not only does Nicole hand make (to order) animal hats, matching diaper covers and tutu skirts, BUT she also created these awesome little numbers....

That's right! I give you a Boobie Beanie!

Now, I have had my eyes on these hats for sometime now but have not had the opportunity to give one away (nor have I had the awesome chance to own one...) BUT as the saying goes "Patience is a virtue" and I am so excited to say the giveaway I have been dreaming about is here!
(Top view..... OH COME ON!!! THESE ROCK!)

No more hiding in the corner, no more trying to cover up what you are doing. The day of "I wonder if that baby is breastfed" are over! With this wee little Boobie Beanie there will not be any doubt! 

Nicole has (awesomely) agreed to giveaway a custom made Boobie Beanie for one of our Mummies! You may now jump up and down with boobie beanie excitement! I know I am!

*** For every Mummie friend you get to enter this giveaway (or daddy friend) you get an extra entry! Just have your friend follow the entry requirements and have them leave your first name and last initial in a comment (on this post!)! ***

Who is ready?!

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