Monday, April 22, 2013

Looks like Nummies

Kit Kat has been Nummies free for 4 months and 10 days. (Yes... and 10 days... yes I do know the exact day she stopped... and NAH that is not crazy at all.) But there are times when I realize that our breastfeeding journey is not "ova." Sometimes I realize that a breastfeeding journey (more so a breastfeeding journey with an older toddler) never ends. You see, it is not always "out of sight, out of mind..."

Here let me explain.

1. I can still squeeze breastmilk from my miracle nips. I call them miracle nips because I am still amazed that they are still attached to my boobs. Between the bites, teeth scrapes, nipping (and I mean the ACTUAL NIPPING and not the acronym NIP'ing "Nursing In Public".. although I rocked that too.), the vacuum like suction of an over zealous Nummie Lover that threatened to rip my nipples off, the cracking/bleeding/bruising/years of USE that they went through....and my nipples never once grew legs and ran away.... gives them the RIGHT to be called MIRACLE NIPS!

And yes..... I squeezed them last night... and yes, breastmilk came out. (Not enough to feed an army of littles ones mind you.... but enough to say "YUPP, I STILL GOT ME SOME!")

2. Kit Kat will see a baby and tell everyone "I think she likes Nummies!" as loud as she can....In most cases the baby IS NOT eating anything and we don't actually know if the baby is breastfed. She thinks every baby is on their own breastfeeding journey.

3. Every once in a while, Kit Kat will tell me "Mommy, I want some nummies."
I reply with "Mommy doesn't have any more."
Then with a serious face she says "Yes you DO! They are right there!" as she BANGS on my boobs, gorilla style.
"Kit Kat, those are NOT Nummies... those are my biddys. And that kinda hurts."
Laughing at me she says "Ohhhhh YEAH! I forgot bout that" and proceeds to run away and leave me in the dust. (Thanks Kit Kat. I love you too.)

4. Kit Kat gets all excited when it is the morning of our monthly Breastfeeding Support Circle, because "THE NUMMIES ARE COMING!!! THE NUMMIES ARE COMING!!!!!" Then a sigh of relief when the Mummies show up "Ahhhhhh, the Nummies are here."

5. Some how she instinctively knows what breastmilk looks like. I only pumped 3 times with Kit Kat, and she was VERY young when I did. She was NOT a fan of pumped milk and I had the bruises to prove it. Sooooo she has not actually SEEN breastmilk. BUT she KNOWS what it looks like. Take for example what happened 2 weeks ago. You see in Georgia our Pollen season is OUTRAGEOUS! Just this year we almost hit 10,000 pollen count and if you are Pollen educated... you know a Pollen count of 100 is considered HIGH! So our 9,000+ count is CRAZY and our normal. (We do not paint the town RED... nope. Here in Georgia we paint the town YELLOW.)

Anyway, I was giving the girls a new allergy medicine, which was white.

Kit Kat looked at it and said "Ohhhh that looks like NUMMIES!!!!!"
Hmmmmm.... okay. Kit Kat's street name is "Krazy K"... so I let that one slide. But her next comment took the cake.
She drank it and screamed "AND IT TASTES LIKE NUMMIES TOO!!!! OH YUMM!"

You see...... Object Permanence at its finest!

So no matter if you are breastfeeding now or have in the past...  ROCK IT! (Because your little one will... and it is always better to rock out with someone else!!)


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