Friday, April 26, 2013

Mama Cat's milky cookies

Today's Foto Friday is a bit different. I decided to share with you a local (to me) Mummie who is making a Nummie difference in the breastfeeding world! (and of course... share some FOTOS!!)

Mama Cat is a Mummie who relies on breasmilk donors to feed her sweet Nummie Lover. I met Cat in a breastmilk donation group and I was blown away by her dedication. The amazing women who donate to Cat have become part of her family and she wanted to help them in any way she could. So she began making lactation cookie mixes in order to help their breastmilk production. (Sweet right?!) That is how Mama Cat's Milky Cookies was born.

Cat was super awesome to give me one of her mixes, so I could share with my Mummie's Nummie Breastfeeding Circle support group. The day before our meeting, I gathered Pooker and Kit Kat into the kitchen and we began making these cookies!

(I got the White Chocolate Chip and Craisin mix.)

(Out of the bag and into the bowl!)

(Wet ingredients go in!)

(Spoon full... into the oven please!)

(Close up before baking. These cookies are so chunky.... chunk is a plus for me!)

(Fresh out of the oven!)

(Kit Kat and Pooker enjoying their cookie!!!)

(Some of our Mummie Group eating their Mama Cat's cookies!)

What I LOVE about Mama Cat's cookies is they are SOFT and very tasty. I told Cat that the cookies might not have made it to the circle meeting the following day.... I could have eaten them all! (Which is saying something since the batch made 2 DOZEN COOKIES!!!)

Mama Cat's Milky Cookies has ALL of the wonderful ingredients that will help boost your supply and she has had MANY positive outcomes from her Mama customers. Which  means.... they work! 

Mama Cat's Milky Cookie mixes start at $13.00 AND you can add different ingredients to customize your own mix. Need a special order... Mama Cat has you covered! She told me she will make what ever someone needs. AHHHHHH I love that!

So the next time you are in need of some yummy lactation cookies, and can not afford the BIG named cookies.... try Mama Cat! From brownies, cookies, muffins and can bet Mama Cat has it!


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