Thursday, June 13, 2013

Full Term breastfeeding on Huff Post Live

Breastfeeding is not new. Neither is full term (aka extended) breastfeeding. Even breastfeeding publicly is not new..... it just went on vacation for a little bit. You see, breastfeeding became a bear in the winter.... you didn't see it but you KNEW it was there.... it was hibernating if you will. Here, let me show you what I mean.

Here is a Mummie breastfeeding in the Victorian Era. Clearly this is not a recent photo and she was not hiding (or hibernating.)

At some point in our history breastfeeding became taboo. A hidden subject that not many women practiced. By the 1950's only 20% of women breastfed their children. So fast forward to present day and women are once again back in the Victorian Era mindset. We know breastfeeding is HIGHLY beneficial to both Mummie and baby. We have the scientific facts to back us up. We also know the longer we breastfeed the better the turn out for everyone. 

Which brings me to my post today. Earlier this week I received an email from Nancy Redd, host on Huff Post Live. (Hi Nancy! You ROCK!!!!) She wanted to do a segment about breastfeeding PAST infancy and breastfeeding older children. She came across my post about breastfeeding a three year old and asked me if I would like to be part of the segment. 
(WHO would turn down Nancy Redd?! I mean really! It was a no brainer.) Within MINUTES of her email I wrote back "UMMMMM YEAH!!!"

So last night Nancy and I along with three child professionals; Jennifer Andersen, Dr. Jay Gordon and 
Jennifer Powell-Lunder . (Notice a theme? I was surrounded by professionals. Two doctors, a known author and me... a Mummie. That was awesome!)

The segment was amazing and I found every breastfeeding Mummies DREAM pediatrician

After the segment was over I was so proud of what I was apart of. To help show the world that breastfeeding older children is NOT bad or even "wrong." That there is NO age limit or expiration date on breastmilk. The whole panel WAS pro breastfeeding. However, one panelist was for an age limit. She believed breastfeeding is wonderful.... but up to a certain age. Jennifer Powell-Lunder was suggesting that at school age, children can be made fun of by their peers, if they find out they are still breastfeeding. She was defending her stance..... BUT offered NO age limit that she felt was "correct" and "appropriate" to end the breastfeeding journey. (You can see for yourself what I am talking about.) That was my only issue with her comments. If you believe there should be an age cut off.... then say what your age cut off is..... She did not have an answer for that. And that did not sit well with me.

I had such a BLAST doing this breastfeeding segment. Please hop on over to Nancy Redd and tell her THANK YOU for supporting breastfeeding (HINT HINT... she was a breastfeeding Mummie too!!!!!)

Rock YOUR breastfeeding journies, Mummies. Never let anyone tell you how your journey should end or WHEN it should end. Follow your heart and your Nummie Lover. YOU know what is best for your family, not the person next to you in line. 



  1. It was a great segment and yes I'd love to have that doc as our pedi!

    1. Thank you and thank you for watching and participating in the chat! ~Mummie

  2. Fantastic! My son will be 4 next week. My goal was 6 months, for whatever reason. He still nurses now. And I'm nursing my 8 month old daughter too. I wish I'd had better support when my oldest two (11&12) were babies. It's a huge regret of mine that I didn't breastfeed them.
    I get so sick of the negative, narrow minded comments.

  3. If you click the link to her Facebook page, her update to fans about the interview says she was going to be talking about breastfeeding past age 3. From that comment, I would take that 3 years old is likely to be her cut off age.

  4. My daughter decided to self wean at 5 around her birthday. At that point she was mostly comfort nursing for very short spurts and preferred to do it only at home. My husband often thought she would stop much earlier but I guessed she would keep going. We have the most precious memories and she says she will definitely want to breastfeed her children :) This was one of my favorite extended breastfeeding articles


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