Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mummie on the radio

So, this morning was fun and exciting. Other than celebrating my 32nd birthday (you can sing to me later) I was also on the radio! This morning I was on my local WXYZ 1270 AM radio station with morning show host David Paul.


I am no stranger with David or his shows. I have been on Cartersville Uncut a couple of times now. But this was my first time on his morning radio show. And of course Mr Mummie (my technical handy love) was able to record our segment, which of course I want to share with you.

BUT first, I wanted to give you some back story. I have been on the radio, HuffPost Live and TV, but all of those were done with a supportive and positive feeling. I knew this time would be slightly different. I knew people would be able to call in and I knew the personality of David Paul. He is a nice guy, but he also likes to be entertaining. SO I knew this interview would be "different." Fun.... but different.

So please, before you listen to the interview, please know that David Paul did not attack me or lead me blindly. We had some fun times on the commercial breaks. Each break he asked if I was "okay" and he would tell me where he was "going" following the break. We were both smiling the WHOLE time.... well... he was smiling when the first caller called in.... me... my heart was pounding (and not in a good way.) "Christian marriage" "bathroom...." "won't ALLOW..."...... what-eva dude!

Not once did I feel uncomfortable during the interview. And I would so go back on his morning show again.

Oh and the 3rd caller is my amazing husband. I did not know he was going to call in... but when I got home he said "that first schmuck was a southern schmuck. I wanted another guy to call in and be supportive." Gosh I love that man.

So remember... no hate mail. David Paul is actually very supportive and he told me he will be coming to our Big Latch On again this year. He knows what is right! He is just a silly man who wants to get people talking.

Enjoy! Click here to listen!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Big Latch On 2013

Tick-tock! The time is ticking closer to The Big Latch On! Once again I am just amazed at how supportive my community and companies are! From local radio stations and newspapers wanting to hear more, to the BIG hearts of companies (close and far!)

The closer we get to August 3, the more I feel like it is Christmas! I seriously have to give my UPS man some mad props! He has been a busy man bringing me all these goodies! But I wanted to share the Christmas like feeling with y'all (my Sourthen'ness is showing!)

So in case you were needing a reason to be MORE excited about The Big Latch On in Cartersville... Please allow me to give you a BUNCH of reasons!!

Here are some of the prizes and goodies I have for The Big Latch on!

1 door prize (1 Multi Pack)
35 Mummie bags items (regular breast pads)

2 Door prizes!
2 thermal tote bags with Mummie's Nummies "Rock your Journey" phrase

35 Mummie Bags items
"Peace, love Momma milk" stamped charms/keychains/necklaces

1 Door prize
Gift certificate for a personalized item
(The one below is the keychain Susan made for me!)

2 Door prizes 
Teething necklaces
35 Mummie bags items
Nursing bracelet reminders

1 Door prize
Winner will pick her own Undercover Mama shirt!

Prizes to be announced

Prizes to be announced

1 Door prize
Bitybean Carrier
Mummie Bag items

1 Door prize
Gift certificate to one of their on line classes
Mummie Bag items

2 Door Prizes
1 Mummie gift set
1 Baby gift set
35 Mummie bag items

1 Door prize
To be announced
35 Mummie bag items

35 Mummie Bag items

Event photography

35 Mummie bags and items

24 Mummie bag items

Mummie bag items

35 Mummie bag items

Mummie bag items

(Yupp!!! That is me!)
1 Door prize gift pack
(Be excited about this one! This is the first time I will be offering a door prize!!)

Mummie bag items

And.... if you are wanting to see some awesome vendors.... we have you covered too! Some of our vendors include

We will have FREE food and drinks, toys for the little ones to play with, Mummie's Nummies items for sale (limited quantities), breastfeeding support and education, amazing local vendors, community art projects, fun, surprises and of course THE  BIG LATCH ON! 

So get your Nummie Makers ready! Spread the word! Let's see if we can beat our own record from last year! We had 26 Mummies latch on last year.... let's see if we can get over 30!!!!!! 
Rock YOUR breastfeeding journey!