Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Undercover Mama GIVEAWAY

9 days ago, the Mummie family made the BIG move to Florida. We took 2 days to make the 7 hour trip, we had a 26 foot moving truck (driven by my in laws), Me and the girls in Meme (my mini van) and Mr Mummie in his truck. I am sure we were a sight to be seen... After all I did have Tiny as my co pilot.
(Tiny is a special member of our family. Not only did he have shot gun but he was also buckled in. Safety first, Mummies.)

We have officially become Floridians (again)... our Driver's License says so. So I think it is the correct time to have a House Warming PARTY!!!

But me being Mummie... I do not have "normal" parties. Nope. I like to go against the grain and be different. 
True, we may have done all of the hard work: The packing and un packing, the cleaning, the sorting, the "OMG I AM SORE AND TIRED" whining.... and for any "normal" family a house warming party would be people bringing gifts to the newly moved family... but I am not normal (like I said.) So for our house party YOU get a chance to win the gifts!!! 


So this month we will have some giveaways! Yupp.. a month long "house warming party."

First up is my friends over at Undercover Mama!

Mummie's Nummies has been a MAJOR fan of Undercover Mama for a while now. Not only is Undercover Mama a BIG fan of breastfeeding moms... but they are a pretty good fan of Mummie's Nummies as well. They have supported the events I have hosted, without a second thought. They have even hosted a few Mummie's Nummies giveaways with us in the past! They are just over all AHHHHHMAZING.

If you are curious as to what Undercover mama is.... feel free to check out my giveaway/ review... but do not get all excited.. that giveaway has ended.... but you can enter this one!!! (Now you can get excited.)

Follow the yellow brick road and enter! 
Welcome home Mummies!  



  1. MrsJ HeitzenraterMarch 5, 2014 at 3:37 PM

    My favorite part of moving is arranging all the furniture in the new space! It's fun to plan out where everything can go :) Congrats on the new place!

  2. My favorite part of moving if getting rid of all the old stuff

  3. My favorite part about moving is to purge things!

  4. Christina HorstmanMarch 5, 2014 at 11:44 PM

    My favorite part of moving is getting a "fresh start" :-) Everything gets put away in an actual spot, everything is nice and clean, can get rid of old, unwanted, unused stuff and just start FRESH!

  5. I like new beginnings and decorating.

  6. Hmmmm my favorite part about moving is being done and getting to enjoy the new place. :)

  7. I love exploring new places

  8. I love experiencing new places and people. Also moving means you get rid of things you dont need or use anymore.


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