About Us

Meet Jacky: Head Mummie

Hello Mummies!!
My name is Jacky and I am the creator of Mummies Nummies. I am a business owner mommy to two beautiful miracle daughters, three angel babies and wife to an amazing husband. I started Mummies Nummies after the birth of my second daughter. I battled through some crazy breastfeeding obstacles and I knew I could not be the only one. I wanted to document my struggles, share my stories, tips, and news. My hope is to one day create a place where "mummies" can go to for support, have a place to turn to WITHOUT judgment and share their stories with others. To one day create a place where NO "MUMMIE" FEELS ALONE.

I believe breast feeding is crucial and should be tried by all. I also believe support is the main key to continue nursing! I am not a certified Lactation Consultant or doctor. I am a normal breastfeeding "mummie" with a passion for breastfeeding.

While I continue my breastfeeding advocacy, I am also co-owner and vice president of My TEK Lab. A technology lab for kids located in Minneola, Florida. I am PROUD to be a breastfeeding friendly business!!

Here is a picture of me and my family in February 2015

"Pooker", (born April 2008) my oldest and previous Nummie Lover. Breastfeeding her was a struggle from the very beginning. We battled no sucking ability, painful silent reflux, breath apnea, medication side effects, a breastmilk imbalance, poor weight gain and overactive letdown. After all of that we made it 11 full months of breastfeeding before we had to stop.......because I was pregnant with our newest family member! (I am high risk so sadly breastfeeding while pregnant is not an option for me.)

 "Kit Kat" (Born November 2009) my second Nummie Lover. Nursing her was easier than it was with Pooker....but she still had issues. We battled over active letdown, and LOUD reflux. Kit Kat is also the "poster nummie lover" for Mummie's Nummies! Yupp... that is her little Nummie Lovin' picture you see on the blog! I am proud to say Kit Kat self weaned at 3 years and 2 months old. We had a great journey and I wouldn't change anything about it!!!!