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When I started Mummie's Nummies, all I wanted was to help one Mummie. Anything else would be "Nummies" on the cake! So many Mummies have come to me and shared their "Nummie Stories", some have even made me cry happy tears! So, if Mummie's Nummies has helped you have a happy "Nummie Story" we want to hear about it! Please share your story in the comment section below.


"I really would like all you mummies to know, you have changed my life. I would be a horrible depressed mess this pregnancy, if not for you all. You have given me support and friendship, a distraction so I am not just focused on what is going on in my life, laughter, tears and a feeling of friendship and bonding that I RARELY experience with women. I wouldn't be cloth diapering if not for some of you, and with that has come another community of amazing women I have met. Jacky Souders, I am eternally indebted to you for all that you have accomplished just by facilitating this amazing place for us mummies to go!" ~Renee

"I just had to say that I have found so much information here! Thanks mummies for sharing your knowledge. I've spent so much time reading and researching bf that I dreamed about doing it last night! Ha!" ~Rachel

"During the hardest parts of my Breastfeeding this group and ladies pulled me through." ~ Jessica

"I have made it past my 3 month nursing mark, I feel blessed to have a supportive husband when at times I don't feel like I have any elsewhere, I'm happy that I'm starting to get out more and meet other nursing mommas. Its hard being a military wife, away from family and having friends up and leave (or turn into someone you thought they'd never be) Having a page like this to vent to, ask questions and share milestones with has been a lifesaver. Thank you ladies for just being here :)" ~Toni

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  1. I was an extended breastfeeding mom with my youngest. I just want to say that from a health standpoint, I'm sure it's the reason she has only ever had diarrhea one time in her whole life and she turns 13 tomorrow. And, bonus,the one time was when she was 4, so I never had to even change a diaper with it. :-) She hardly ever gets a cold either. (although she was wishing for one last winter just so she could have a day off from school!)

    We weathered the pre-teen years very well as far as our relationship. I always heard horror stories, but other than an occasional eye roll, it's been smooth sailing. We are very close and she still wants lots of hugs, and especially loves when I play with her hair (one of my habits from when she nursed). I guess what I'm saying is haven't seen any downside. She has plenty of friends, and is very creative.


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